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Evan Bayh
  • Barack Obama/Evan Bayh Bumper Stickers?

    Has Matt Drudge actually scooped Barack Obama on his VP pick?

    KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reports a company in Kansas City, which specializes in political literature, has been printing Obama-Bayh material…

    Gill Studios, would not confirm information about the material. They would not deny it either. At least three sources close to the plant's operations reported the Obama-Bayh material was being produced…

    Here's the website for Gill Studios, the company that's supposedly printing the bumper stickers. Doesn't exactly look like the kind of company that would be privy to that info.

    I don't think they'd get to know who the new VP at the local Chemical Bank is.

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  • Evan Bayh! Evan Bayh! Finally, the Breaking News Breaks About Evan Bayh!

    His first name is actually Birch!


    What did you think I was going to say?

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  • Joe Biden is "Not the Guy," and Barack Obama Gets His Gals Confused

    We're running out of time to spread rumors about Barack Obama's veep pick, so let's smear these latest clues across the internet as quickly as possible.

    Obama's making an appearance with his running mate in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday. That much we know. So, um, Joe Biden, where are you going to be on Saturday?

    Biden replied, "Here" and pointed down to his driveway [which is located in Delaware].

    As he pulled out of the driveway in the driver's seat of his car he then said to the press gathered near his gate, "You guys have better things to do. I'm not the guy."

    That certainly sounds like an upfront admission of Biden's non-veepiness, but a) he could be lying, or b) Obama's Springfield advance teams are a cover-up for a major event taking place in Joe Biden's driveway. Assuming c), he's telling the truth… oh my god! Is Obama going to pick Hillary after all? Or another high-ranking woman, like Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas?

    No, because Barack Obama's disdain for women prevents him from keeping his New England colleges straight

    [Obama] used the word "he" to describe his choice rather than the phrase "he or she," which would appear to exclude potential female running mates such as Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

    A senior Obama strategist, Robert Gibbs, said that reporters shouldn't "read anything into" Obama use of the masculine pronoun.

    An earlier comment from Obama, though, also made it seem unlikely that he'd pick Clinton. He told a woman in the town hall audience that he gets Wellesley College, a women's college outside Boston where Clinton was the student commencement speaker in 1969, confused with co-ed Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

    Good goddess! Why does Obama have such scorn for poor Hillary Clinton that he can't remember where she gave her commencement speech?

    For that matter, why can't he remember the commencement speech he gave at Wesleyan three months ago?

    All these hints add up to one logical answer: Evan Bayh really will be Obama's running mate.

    Or, you know, not.

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  • Obama Veepstakes: Official Vegas Betting Odds

    Two weeks ago, we gave you our Official Vegas Odds on potential running mates for John McCain, and darn if that didn't send shock waves through his campaign! It is now our pleasure to extend the same service to Barack Obama gamblers:

    Name Why (S)he'll Get It Why (S)he Won't Odds
    Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana

    Pushed by concerned Indiana officials who are trying to bump Dan Quayle from the top of their "Famous Residents" list. In the wake of the John Edwards scandal, it's getting increasingly difficult to trust any handsome, well-coiffed Democrat. 3 to 1
    Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware

    Nominating Biden will possibly placate the zero delegates he'll be sending to the convention. Debatable whether the way to win over voters is to bore them to death. π to 1.
    Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia

    Kaine could deliver a state that hasn't swung Democratic since Strom Thurmond was a member of the party. Mark Warner will give the convention's keynote address, thus exhausting the party's quota for Harvard-trained, beauty-deprived Virginia governors who are actually from the Midwest. 7.5 to 3
    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas

    Nominating her is a way to get a woman on the ticket without resorting to You Know Who. Okay, we saw that voters may be ready to elect a female president, but vice president?  Slow down, ladies! 409 to 1
    Former Sen. Sam Nunn of Georgia

    This elder statesman's military background appeals to hawks who thought Wesley Clark was too much of a sissy to get the nod. Unclear if he is still alive. 1812 to 1
    Vice President Dick Cheney

    Cheney has extensive experience serving as [classified], and he will [classified] in the event of [classified]. There's no chance he's leaving office, so this category is moot. 666 to 1

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  • Mark Warner to Give DNC Keynote Speech

    Looks like former Virginia Governor Mark Warner has been tapped to deliver the keynote address at this year's Democratic Convention in Denver.

    Warner considered a presidential run early in 2007, then was widely discussed as a potential running mate for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, but finally decided to pursue the open Senate seat in Virginia instead.

    Oddly enough, Warner will be one of a very few Democratic keynote speakers in recent memory who is not African-American. Here are the previous honorees, their races, and what they're doing now…

    2004: Illinois State Senator Barack Obama (African-American). Currently still involved in politics in some way, I'm not exactly sure.

    2000: Tennessee Representative Harold Ford, Jr. (African-American). Ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006, lost narrowly, and is currently an MSNBC talking head.

    1996: Indiana Governor Evan Bayh (not technically African-American, but he loved "Soul Plane.") Currently definitely not trying to be the Vice President, that's for sure, although if someone asked he wouldn't necessarily say no.

    1992: Texas Representative Barbara Jordan (African-American). Currently deceased, but has an airport terminal named after her. And that' something.

    So, if history is any indicator, Warner has a big future to look forward to. And, who knows, if the Dems fall short this November, maybe he can even be the first black president.

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