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Extremely Local Politics
  • Extremely Local Politics — Early Primaries

    After a brief hiatus, it's time again for Extremely Local Politics! As always, take a stab at guessing what these four extremely zoomed-in images might be (hint! All are election related!) and post your guesses in the comments. If you're at a loss, we are always open to more… creative guesses.

    Sometime next week, check back, and we'll post the answers along with the first people to guess correctly, as well as our favorite "interpretive" guesses.

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    Enter in the comments as many times as you like!

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  • Extremely Local Politics — Results, Week of December 28th

    These were some tough images this week, apparently. Not a lot of correct guesses, but some good guesses nonetheless.

    Our favorites:

    1. Bill Clinton fondly remembers watching Monica shower. (LulaMay)

    2. Ross Perot with sunburn.(bearness)

    3. Huckabee takes Jesus' thorn crown and makes it a ribbon for the troops. Continues to deny subliminally tying religion to his campaign. (Patchell)

    4. Britney Spears announces her candidacy. (bearness)

    And nothing quite correct, but the closest first guesses were:

    2. Cafeteria "It's CHRISTmas Stupid" keepsake mug(LulaMay)

    3. a decorative bow (usafraud)

    4. somebody putting their hand on my head (usafraud) assuming usafraud is the man in the picture, which for all we know, he is

    Click on the images to see the full picture. Check back next Wednesday for a new Extremely Local Politics.

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  • Extremely Local Politics — Week of December 28

    Staring down the barrel of a long boring weekend with nothing to do except drink and party? We thought so. So while you're nursing your hangover(s) why not waste away the time trying to figure out what these extremely close-up pictures are? We'll post the names of the first people to guess correctly, plus our favorite "creative" answers.

    Here are this week's pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments:

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  • Extremely Local Politics — Results, Week of December 20th

    This week saw some fantastic guesses (mostly having to do with Senator Larry Craig for some reason) as to what the fuck these four images were and why they had anything to do with the election.

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    1. Mike Huckabee receives yet another endorsement from someone likely to whoop your ass: Megatron. (BillSPreston)

    2. Pong, behind bars: after fondling with Sen. Larry Craig. (nothingclever101)

    3. Gang-Banger Graffitti Tag of the Pope-mobile with "Indecision 2008" painted on the side…. (WhiteTrashFarmer)

    4. The pile of dilapidated chopsticks left over from when Mitt Romney's economic policy ate China for lunch.(BillSPreston)

    So who were the first to get them right? Well, for images 1-3, it's a tough call. WhiteTrashFarmer added a lot of incorrect (or in one case, yet to be determined) commentary to each of them, but was more or less accurate. Ziggypop, however, was the first to deliver an accurate "straight" answer for each. So we'll call it a tie, ok?

    No one got number 4.

    Click each detail to see the full image.

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  • Extremely Local Politics: Week of December 20th

    Sometimes you get too close to things, and you get hurt. Like when Icarus flew too close to the sun, and the wax on his wings melted.

    So be careful, don't exhibit any hubris, and take a quick look at these pictures. Think you know what they are? You have a week to post your answers in the comments, and then we'll post the correct answers (and the name of the first person who gets any of them right), plus some of our favorite guesses.

    Here are this week's pictures:

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    3. 4.

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