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  • Lou Dobbs Is Not Liking These Communist U.S. Olympic Team Berets

    Like Harry Reid, the fashion gurus at Fox and Friends are not happy with the U.S. Olympic Team's choice of uniform, though unlike the Senate Majority Leader, they're more concerned with sartorial statements than the Chinese provenance of the garments.

    "The big question, though, is should the American team be wearing a beret?" co-Friend Steve Doocy pondered. "Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like we had when we went to Calgary? Why not just do something very American and just go topless?"

    Why not wear a cheeseburger or a bald eagle? Why not shave an image of Ronald Reagan into the athletes' hair? All valid questions, but it was Lou Dobbs who put the gravity of this issue into perspective

    "Berets are also the signature headgear of socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez," the Fox Business host added.

    I always knew my distaste for pants had strong historical grounding. Pants were the signature leg wear of Hitler.

    As for berets, both Doocy and Dobbs eventually recognized that some Americans already wear berets on a regular basis (see right) without being characterized as homosexual French artistes. Maybe we can rename it the Freedom Helmet and solve this crisis once and for all.

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  • Hillary Clinton Is the Secretary of Funk

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was speaking at some boring old swearing in ceremony for her Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs yesterday when all of a sudden this happened…

    It's finally happening, guys! Hillary Clinton and George Clinton are melding into the same being!

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Mitt Is the S**t

    * Ironically post-post-irony Mitt Romney t-shirts are now available at your local Urban Outfitters.

    * NRO's Jonah Goldberg claims that "nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity than youth" despite the fact that he's 43 years old.

    * Turns out next week's recall election in Wisconsin will be deciding the presidential election as well. It's nice to see the nation multi-tasking.

    * Don't forget to download our Election Companion App for iPhone and iPad and follow along as we liveblog Sens. Dick Lugar and Mark Warner on this Sunday's State of the Union on CNN.

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  • Hipsters-in-Chief: A "Proud" American Tradition

    Whether we're comfortable with it or not, America will forever be saddled with the legacy of the hipster. Besides giving birth to phenomenon, we kind of embody it. We're youngish and cocky, and we think we know better than everybody else, and please don't make us listen to anything you have to say because we really don't want to hear about it. If you need us, we'll be talking amongst ourselves, mutilating our natural beauty and making fun of the way you dress.

    Speaking of which, Alexandra Govere — of MTV's Power of 12 political blog — has done us all a great service by listing the top five Presidential (and First Ladial) hipsters, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt

    The Nature Guy is a staple in hipster circles. He’s the one whose profile pic is of him reading in a tree, or meditating on an elephant, or doing anything in a grand, outdoorsy setting that makes it very hard to make out how hot he is if you are not Facebook friends with him. Damn privacy settings.

    Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was born a hipster. If a man with a stuffed bear's name does not qualify as hipsterific irony, I don’t know what does. It seems only natural that a man named after an animal* would go on to protect them. As President, the conservation of America's natural resources was one of Roosevelt’s top priorities. In 1903, he made Pelican Island, Florida, the U.S.' first National Wildlife Refuge. He went on to protect nearly 230 million acres of land. Pshhhh… And the hipster with a tomato plant on his windowsill calls himself a nature guy!

    I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that George Washington didn't make the list. I mean, that guy was hanging out in Williamsburg, like, two centuries before it was cool. And what about Abe Lincoln's skinny pants? Not to mention his casual bisexuality. I don't know, seems like this list could be expanded.

    To learn more about hipsterism in American presidential politics, read Indecision Delegate Jordan Carlos' thought-provoking essay "Rebranding the GOP for the Hipster Vote."


    * Yes, we're all aware that Teddy Roosevelt was actually named after Teddy Roosevelt. Not vice versa. So, hold your fire, well-meaning pedants.

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  • BREAKING: Rich Candidate's Wife Wears Expensive Shirt

    Guys, it's time to start freaking out. Ann Romney, wife of millionaire candidate Mitt Romney, wore a shirt that costs almost a thousand dollars.

    Not only that, the shirt was ugly. Let's all freak out

    Mitt and Ann Romney appeared on CBS's This Morning to talk about Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden, and a slew of other political things. Sharp eyes over at The Cut noticed that Ann was wearing a bird-printed t-shirt by Reed Krakoff.

    Naturally, we had to get the scoop on the price. According to a saleswoman at Krakoff's Madison Avenue store, the silk tee costs $990.That is one seriously overpriced top! Let's just hope she wears it more than once (like, say, 990 times).

    Or as another fashion blogger put it

    Seriously, it looks like there is an animal diving into her armpit. There is a face on her chest. A face!

    We all knew the Romneys were capable of unspeakable crimes against dogs, but who knew Ann could commit such a crime against fashion? Hopefully, no fish were harmed — or tied to a roof — in the making of that shirt.

    As for the outrageous price tag, that's a bit more defensible. When your family has a personal fortune of over $250 million and your husband rakes in tens of millions each year for doing absolutely nothing, $1000 isn't much to spend on a silk shirt. We should just be happy it wasn't a sweater vest.

    Photo by Jeff Neira/CBS/Getty Images

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