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  • Is George W. Bush the Batman?

    If you saw The Dark Knight (and, if you haven't, why not?!) and noticed some similarities between the film's titular character — a psychotic outlaw who dresses in a costume and uses his vast wealth to exact his own form of justice — and President George W. Bush, then you're not alone.

    Lots of right wing pundits feel the exact same way. In fact, here's radio host Glenn Beck on CNN

    But Batman goes into another country and with a C-130 snatches a guy out, and then throws him back here into Gotham. So there's rendition. At one point the Morgan Freeman character says to Batman, wait a minute, hang on, you're eavesdropping on everyone in Gotham? And Batman says, yes, to stop this terrorist.

    Morgan Freeman says, I can't be a part of it. And yet Morgan Freeman does become a part of it, and they find the Joker. One of the ways they find the Joker is through eavesdropping. I mean the parallels here of what's going on is to me stunning…

    Beck also said that Bush's willingness to "die as the worst president ever because of the war on terror" is "exactly the message that Batman carries."

    Well, at least he got the "worst president ever" part right.

    Anyway. So, what? Now we're drawing our collective morality from blockbuster movies with fictional characters about completely made-up events instead of from best-selling Bibles with fictional characters about completely made-up events? I suppose it's a fair trade off.

    But you know what? I think the conservatives are choosing the wrong movie at which to look for guidance. I think we should be looking for the deep meanings and lessons of Step Brothers.

    Yes, what I'm saying is that George Bush should go over to Iran and rub his sweaty balls all over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's drum kit.

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  • FISA: It's Everywhere George Bush Wants It to Be

    How is it that with a Democratically controlled Congress and the lowest approval ratings since Jeffrey Dahmer, President Bush keeps winning every single battle?

    President Bush is poised to sign a bill that overhauls the bitterly disputed rules on secret government eavesdropping and grants immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the U.S. spy on Americans in suspected terrorism cases.

    The Senate sent the measure to the president on Wednesday and he is to sign it in a Rose Garden ceremony Thursday afternoon.

    Well, I can think of one charismatic, young Hope-monger who was no help.

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  • Barack Obama vs. Barack Obama Supporters

    The Huffington Post is reporting that all is maybe not well between Barack Obama and his liberal lapdog supporters

    Only weeks into the general election campaign and already a notable tension is beginning to materialize within the Democratic Party. At question is Sen. Barack Obama's relationship with the progressive netroots, the online community that helped aid the Senator's rise to the presidential nomination, but has since seemingly played second fiddle in terms of courted constituencies.

    Whaaaaaat? How can this be?

    Here's how it all went down. Over the weekend, Barack Obama announced that — although not in favor of the idea of retroactive immunity for the shady corporatations that helped our own government spy on us — he supports the FISA legislation that the Senate is about to pass that will magically make all the illegal wire-tapping that the White House did legal after all.

    But it's all alright, because he super double-dog swears that, as president, he won't take advantage of the power to watch over all of America like Big Brother…

    "Given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as president, I will carefully monitor the program," Obama said in a statement hours after the House approved the legislation 293-129.

    Oh, well, he seems like a nice man. How can you mind surrendering your Constitutional rights to someone so charming?

    Anyway, uber-lib Glenn Greenwald over at Salon was quick to get all "Waa waa waa, I don't want the Constition Constitution* torn to shreds" on Obama's ass…

    It is absolutely false that the only unconstitutional and destructive provision of this "compromise" bill is the telecom amnesty part. It's true that most people working to defeat the Cheney/Rockefeller bill viewed opposition to telecom amnesty as the most politically potent way to defeat the bill, but the bill's expansion of warrantless eavesdropping powers vested in the President, and its evisceration of safeguards against abuses of those powers, is at least as long-lasting and destructive as the telecom amnesty provisions.

    The bill legalizes many of the warrantless eavesdropping activities George Bush secretly and illegally ordered in 2001. Those warrantless eavesdropping powers violate core Fourth Amendment protections.

    And Barack Obama now supports all of it, and will vote it into law. Those are just facts.

    Isn't it just like a liberal to want to conserve our inalienable rights and keep the federal government from amassing too much power? Fucking predictable.

    * I am the wurst spellor on the planit.

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