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Franklin Graham
  • Is Obama Leading America Forward on a "Path of Destruction"?

    Guys, this is going to be tough for us all to hear, but I think it's important that we face reality.

    By re-electing Barack Obama, we made the Almighty Lord Jehovah very angry, and now He's very likely to smite us with His fiery wrath.

    Sorry, but facts are facts

    [S]piritually, Tuesday’s results sent America further down a "path of destruction."

    "Unless we’re willing to repent for our sins, we will stand in his judgment," [Franklin] Graham said Wednesday, shortly after leaving a birthday party for his father, evangelist Billy Graham, in Montreat. "I want to warn America: God is coming around. He will judge sin, and it won't be pretty."

    Graham didn't specify if God is only mad at us over all the abortion rights and gay marriage stuff or if He also hates Mexicans and universal health care, too. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that one of His biggest peeves is with raising taxes on the top 1%. Can imagine how much the IRS is going to expect from an entity who reigns over the entirety of the cosmos?

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