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  • RNC Studs and Duds

    Last week we brought you our wrap-up of Studs and Duds from the Democratic National Convention. And as Mitt Romney might contend, why grant privileges to terrorists if we aren't going to give them to our own true Patriots? Well, say no more, Governor! Here are your RNC Studs and Duds…


    Sarah Palin: Unprepared? Hardly! Palin delivered the words of a George W. Bush speechwriter to perfection, and never once burst into tears — even when mocking community organizers.

    Joe Lieberman: The Connecticut "Democrat" boldly abandoned 90% of his principles to endorse McCain, which won him lots of new friends while doing away with that nasty committee chairmanship that's been weighing him down.

    Fred Thompson: The failed "dumb as hell" presidential candidate redeemed himself by delivering a fiery recount of each individual wound sustained by John McCain as a North Vietnamese POW.


    Rudy Giuliani: America's Mayor talked long enough to preempt a Sarah Palin video, and yet inexplicably made just one reference to 9/11. That's like Don McLean giving a concert and not playing "American Pie"!

    Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy — his MySpace photos plastered all over the internet — was dragged onstage and paraded around like a pony. His life is over.

    The Obnoxious Republican Delegates: McCain served in the Navy and was a POW. They, on the other hand, dressed in flag outfits and chanted "U-S-A!" and "Drill Baby Drill!"

    John McCain: By failing to die onstage — which would have boosted Sarah Palin to the top of the Republican ticket — he disappointed the base.

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  • Who Knows More About John McCain's Favorite Football Team? John McCain or Fred Thompson?

    Last night, Fred Thompson tugged at the nation's heart strings, recounting John McCain very admirable and brave behavior while being beaten and tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp. (On a slightly sideways note, I wonder how many other people wondered, as Thompson spoke, how our own prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are behaving under similar conditions.)

    I actually was pretty moved by Thompson's retelling of McCain's story. But when he came to the part about McCain's favorite football team, my interest was piqued

    "John was beaten for communicating with other prisoners. He was beaten for not communicating with so-called "peace delegations." He was beaten for not giving information during interrogations.

    "When his captors wanted the names of other pilots in his squadron, John gave them the names of the offensive line of the Green Bay Packers."

    I could have sworn I heard a very similar — though not quite identical — anecdote before

    "When I was first interrogated and really had to give some information because of the physical pressures that were on me, I named the starting lineup — defensive line — of the Pittsburgh Steelers as my squadron-mates!"

    To be clear, I don't think this is not a genuine issue. Whether it's Fred Thompson or John McCain who's talking out of John McCain's ass doesn't much matter to me. Politicians talk, and their talk only once in a while reflects reality. I'm okay with that.

    What I'm not okay with, though, is that McCain never augmented his story to name the Philadelphia Eagles. C'mon, man! It's not like the Eagles sucked any more than the Steelers did in 1968! Can't a politician at least lie and pretend he's on our side?

    And Ed Rendell doesn't count. Because he's a douchebag.

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  • LiveBlog: Republican National Convention – Night Two

    11:07 – So, are we all agreed? Fred Thompson's speech is the speech to beat so far? It wasn't great. But it had great parts. Like, the part about McCain's time in Vietnam. And when he attacked Obama. That was also effective. Lieberman's speech seemed whiny. So, who's gonna best Thompson?

    11:00 – He sounds pleading, doesn't he?

    10:57 – So, is he really saying that even though you wouldn't ordinarily vote for a Republican, since the Republicans fucked up so badly these past eight years, you should now vote for a Republican? That makes perfect sense.

    10:52 – "The McCain/Palin ticket." It must kill him to say that.

    10:51 – Are they applauding Bill Clinton in the Republican Convention???

    10:50 – He spoke well of Barack Obama. That's because he's "Democrat."

    10:49 – Oh my God! He said Michael Moore!!!

    10:45 – Why do I find it so hard to listen to anything that comes out of Joe Lieberman's mouth?

    10:44 – "Country matters more than country." So don't not vote for him because he's a Republican. Please!

    10:43 – You're not a Democrat.

    10:42 – What I say? What I say?

    10:41 – Oh, he's gonna try to sell the idea that McCain's not a Republican… He's an American. That's his job.

    10:40 – Oh my God! It's Fred Basset!!!

    10:35 – USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!- DDC! DDC! DDC!

    10:34 – Thompson's been on for a long time now. – DDC

    10:30 – That "businesses" business is actually pretty clever. And a pretty interesting point. And I like the "other side of the bucket" idea. That's actually a pretty socialist way of looking at it. – DDC

    10:28 – Only Republicans can turn popularity amongst our allies into a bad thing. -MK

    10:26 – Oh, are we winning now? I should have read the newspaper. – DDC

    10:25 – "He seeks truth not publicity." Especially if he has to travel in a flak jacket and with a military escort. – DDC

    10:23 – "John McCain's bones may have been broken, but his spirit never was." Did Bush use that exact same line? – DDC

    10:21 – That "Hope" line was really good. – DDC

    10:17 – So, John McCain dated a stripper, so he should be president? And then he married Cindy McCain and chose Sarah Palin as his VP. I'm just saying is all. – DDC

    10:14 – Really. I think Thompson is drunk. His voice is really warbly. – DDC

    10:12 – So, the Democrats and the media are scared of Sarah Palin? I can't imagine why that would be. – DDC

    10:10 – Is he drunk? He seems more so than usual. – DDC

    10:09 – Oh my God! It's Fred Thompson!!! – DDC

    10:07 – Dis anybody ever really call Ronald Reagan a "maverick"? – DDC

    10:06 – Oh my God! It's Ronald Reagan!!! – DDC

    10:03 – So, if John McCain wins the election, does that mean that we'll have a beauty queen as a First Lady and a runner-up as VP? – DDC

    10:02 – Cindy McCain did landmine removal work? Princess Diana did landmine removal. That's popular amongst pretty blondes. – MK

    10:00 – Is he really trying to use this speech as an opportunity to press for continued action in Iraq? – DDC

    9:59 – Moooooooooo!!! Moooooooooooo!!! – DDC

    9:57 – Can you imagine if John McCain were a Democrat? The things the Republicans would say about his time as a POW? They'd probably say he was conspiring with the VC. – DDC

    9:56 – "He is ready to lead this nation." Now. Not eight years ago. Back then, he had a black baby. – DDC

    9:54 – Here's GWB. Hey, he kinda pronounced "Gustav" correctly. – DDC

    9:53 – Cut to: Guy yawning. – DDC

    9:51 – Michael just told me that Laura Bush is pro-choice! Gah!?! I'm not so amazed that she's pro-choice, but that she has an opinion. – DDC

    9:49 – Wow. So that's what a mannequin looks like when it talks. – DDC

    9:47 – They're really gunning for the ladies, aren't they? – DDC

    9:46 – I swear to God there's a cow in that room. – DDC

    9:45 – Laura Bush. This ought to be (un)interesting. (Is somebody mooing?) – DDC

    9:39 – I love how the GOP is all about veterans injured in war this year. It's hard to reconcile this with the convention for years ago when they were mockingly wearing band-aids emblazoned with little purple hearts. – DDC

    9:37 – Oh, man. This guy died. I'm an asshole. – DDC

    9:35 – This documentary about Michael Whateverhisnameis is narrated by Gary Sinise. Gary Sinese is a Republican??? He's an actor from Chicago? WTF??? – DDC

    9:34 – What the fuck am I watching? – MK

    9:29 – I'm glad to see Anderson Cooper made it back to Minnesota in time for this convention. That means there'll be at least one person I'll kind of like on TV tonight. – DDC

    9:23 – Lots of cowboy hats in the house. – DDC

    9:21 - Wait. They're watching a video about George, Sr. But it's not even being piped into the TV networks. We're literally watching them watch it. That's kind of ghetto, isn't it? – DDC

    9:14 – Okay, we're back in the hotel and have manged to wrestle the internet provider into submission (for the time being, at least). It's been a frustrating day for internet connections. Our apologies.

    So, where are we? George H.W. Bush just recently entered the convention center with his mother, Barbara. And before that, some poor young woman was brow-beaten into singing before the aristocrats.

    Looks like we have a Abraham Lincoln video coming up. Is that how far back they have to reach to portray a positive image of a Republican president? – DDC


    We're finishing up an interview, but will begin liveblogging in earnest shortly.  In the meantime, watch MSNBC's coverage of night 2 of the RNC right here, and follow our tweets.

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  • Fred Thompson and a Garden Gnome Steal Rudy Giuliani's Numerical Thunder

    Rudy Giuliani was supposed to give tonight's RNC keynote speech, to remind us that we will never forget that thing he likes to remind us about, but now it seems they're not letting poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games…

    Republicans revamped their convention plans for a second day, dropping former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as keynote speaker Tuesday night while trying to determine President Bush's role in the political pageantry celebrating John McCain's candidacy for president.

    In Giuliani's speaking slot were former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, one of McCain's rivals for the Republican nomination, and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrats' vice presidential candidate in 2000 and now a McCain supporter. Republicans say the two will talk about McCain's life and their friendship with him.

    In other words, tonight's speeches will not be brought to you by the numbers 9 and 11.

    They will be brought to you by the number 5 1/2.

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  • Which Political Figures Are Really Like Paris Hilton?

    John McCain implicitly compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton in his latest attack ad. But is that really a fair comparison? We thought long and hard about Paris Hilton's…qualities…to see if any of them really match up with Obama's, or those of any other politician. And here's what we came up with:

    Statuesque blonde

    Joe Lieberman

    Larry Craig
    Relentlessly self-promoting
    Barack Obama
    Attempted acting

    Fred Thompson
    Wears too much makeup

    Chris Dodd

    Attempted singing

    Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, Larry Craig, Jim Jeffords
    Won the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award for "Best Scream"

    Howard Dean

    Spent time as a prisoner

    John McCain
    Dog wrote a memoir
    George W. Bush

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