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  • Mitt Romney's Hamptons Fundraiser vs. The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby and Mitt Romney's fundraisers in the Hamptons, which included an event at the estate of Julia and David Koch in Southampton, New York, where the suggested contribution was $75,000 per couple.

    One of these is an extended metaphor on cynicism, greed and the destruction of the American Dream amid an orgy of material excess. The other is a book we force upon high school freshmen.

    Identify each quote's provenance as coming from East Hampton or the West Egg of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel…

    1. "A woman in a blue chiffon dress poked her head out…'Is there a V.I.P. entrance? We are V.I.P.'

    2. "I like to come," [the woman said]. "I never care what I do, so I always have a good time. When I was here last I tore my gown on a chair, and he asked me my name and address — inside of a week I got a package from Croirier's with a new evening gown in it."

    3. "I've been everywhere and done everything."

    4. "Tell them who's on your yacht this weekend! Tell him!"

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  • Tweet Untweet: President Obama's On It

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  • Tweet Untweet: Guess Who's Inviting You to Dinner?

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  • John McCain Snubs Mitt Romney by Giving Leftover Funds to Charity

    While some presidential candidates accrue millions of dollars in campaign debt, others like Sen. John McCain in 2008 are left with a surfeit of cash.

    It's up to the campaign to decide what to do with all that extra money, but two of the most popular options are to give it to other candidates or to federal or state parties. When disposing of his campaign's excess funds recently, McCain chose neither option

    The dormant 2008 presidential apparatus of Sen. John McCain liquidated nearly $9 million in donations by giving the money to a charity bearing the Arizona senator's name this year, filings showed Tuesday…

    The money could have gone to the RNC to support candidates including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican party's presumptive nominee for the 2012 presidential race. The Republican and Democratic national party committees, which can accept larger contributions than candidates' campaigns, typically function as the piggy banks for their nominees.

    Transferring the remaining 2008 funds to the RNC would have allowed it to pay off nearly all of its $10.9 million in debt — a heavy burden it is carrying as it prepares for general election mode.

    Even if McCain was intent on donating the money to charity, he still could have given it to Romney and the GOP. After all the damage Republicans have done to their party over the course of the 2012 primary, the RNC should count as a needy charity.

    The eponymous organization to which MCain gave his money is called the McCain Institute Foundation. Institute Foundation? In that case, it should really be called the McCain Institute Foundation for Redundancy. Or perhaps the McCain Institute Foundation for Politicians Who Can't Read Good.

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  • Joe Biden and His Wealthy Donor Friends Really Get the Middle Class

    joe bidenAnd in other news, Joe Biden continues to be Joe Biden, with no apparent end in sight

    The latest hit from Vice President Joe Biden against the Republican 2012 field came at a $10,000-per-couple fundraiser for President Barack Obama's reelection effort tonight at the Georgetown home of Sen. John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, according to the pool report…

    "[Republicans] don't have a sense of the average folks out there," he said. "They don't know what it means to be middle class."

    Hahahahaha! It's so true! Those Republican snobs don't get the middle class? How could they? They're not even equipped to comprehend it.

    It's like this: Imagine that the middle class is a glass of Leflaive white Burgundy, and the Republicans are sipping on it while eating a portion of côtes de veau fromagère! I know, right? And in August, no less!

    You know what I'm talking about! And I definitely know what I'm talking about! So, enough said.

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