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  • Which Politicians Have the Worst Super Bowl Betting Problem? [VIDEO]

    Politicians' sports bets are usually predictable: one case of micro-brewed awfulness wagered against a locally-produced foodstuff that tastes of civic boosterism and sadness.

    But some elected officials take sports wagering to the next level. A few weeks ago, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock made a bet with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, offering to perform the Ray Lewis dance if the Broncos lost to the Ravens in an NFL playoff game. Despite sustaining a right quadricep injury practicing the dance, Hancock finally made good on his wager this week.

    In his honor, we're taking a look at recent Super Bowl bets made by politicians, and determining who might have A Little Problem.

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  • Guide to the Silliest Super Bowl Bets

    Americans are rabid sports fans, and if the books of Vegas odds-makers are any indicator, we are also degenerate gamblers. Forget who wins the game–every single aspect of the Super Bowl is available to be bet on.

    Here's a look at some of the oddest culled from the full list of Super Bowl XLVII prop bets:

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  • House Republicans Solve Non-Existent Strip Club Problem

    Everyone knows that people on government assistance are just big welfare queens who go around having babies for fun and spending their taxpayer-funded income on gambling, booze and sex.

    Oh, wait. That's just a racist, classist myth perpetuated by conservatives to deny the working poor a minimum standard of living? Well, I guess nobody told GOP Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. of Louisiana

    A bill that GOP leaders are bringing to the House floor Wednesday would require states to prevent welfare recipients from accessing or spending their benefits at strip clubs, casinos and liquor stores.

    Republicans included the proposal in the payroll tax bill the House passed in December, and they are bringing it back up for a vote separately as part of a package of bills they want included in a final agreement extending the payroll tax cut and other measures through 2012.

    Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R-La.), the chief sponsor of the strip club loophole bill, said in an interview that the legislation was a response to press reports that recipients of benefits under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program were using state-issued debit cards containing the funds for gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment.

    Tax dollars shouldn't be going to strip clubs—that's what Republican donor money is for. As most politicians know, it's only acceptable for a poor single mother to be at a strip club if she's onstage in a thong.

    To be fair, most wealthy Republican congressmen know nothing about the lives of struggling families. When declaring that they spend all their money on blackjack and strippers, Rep. Boustany just based the assumption on his own life. Perhaps the leaders of the Republican National Committee saw a poor family at one of their famous "Eyes Wide Shut" fundraising parties.

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  • Harry Reid Wants to Get Rid of One of the Two Good Things About Nevada

    Those poor Nevadanites. I feel so bad for them. First of all, they live in Nevada. Right there, huge bummer. And then on top of that, they're represented by a guy like Harry Reid. Ugh! Why are you so mean, life?! (To be fair, when given opportunity to replace Reid last fall, they were presented with something far worse.)

    As a matter of fact, there's only two things that hold Nevada back from being an un-scenic version of Utah. One of them is legalized gambling, and the other is about to become a thing of the past if Harry Reid has his way

    U.S. Sen. Harry Reid took aim at the world's oldest profession Tuesday, telling state lawmakers the time has come to have an adult conversation about Nevada's legal sex trade if the state hopes to succeed in the 21st century…

    [W]hen it comes to attracting businesses, Reid said, "parents don't want their children to look out of a school bus and see a brothel."

    So much better that they should look out their window and see Nevada.* Much much more attractive.


    * Why am I so down on Nevada all of a sudden? Last I checked, I had almost no opinion about Nevada. In fact, I'm rather fond of their Sierra brand of pale ale.

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  • SMBC: The Wrong Element

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's Zach Weiner makes a profound observation

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