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  • Gov. Ed Rendell Goaded into Turning into Hulk on National Television

    Don't make out-going Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Apparently

    A CBS promotional video clip shows an angry Gov. Rendell saying "you're simpletons, you're idiots" during a 60 Minutes interview. The segment is to air Sunday evening as part of an examination of the proliferation of casino gambling across the country…

    Rendell reportedly was explaining that gambling addicts already had opportunities elsewhere, when his temper flared. By allowing casinos in Pennsylvania, tax revenue and jobs would stay in the state instead of going to neighboring New Jersey, he explained.

    He then picked up the CBS news camera and threw it across the room and out the window before slow-motion breaking through a wall and loping through downtown Harrisburg. Or I assume. The clip only lasts a short moment, but that seems to be the way things are going. Something like that happened, at any rate.

    The full interview and carnage runs on Sunday.

    (Thanks to my friend Upma, for the heads up.)

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  • DADT Repeal and Dream Act Actually Heading to the Actual Senate Floor in Actuality

    Harry Reid may not be getting that bill to legalize online poker — not to mention that dump truck full of pork he was hoping for — but it does seem as though — despite my disgusted pessimism yesterday — he has an actual real life shot a passing some genuine historic legislation before the two chambers of Congress descend utterly into trench warfare next month.

    And these pieces of legislation would actually be "historic" in a good way, believe it or not

    After abandoning on Thursday night a $1.3 trillion omnibus Senate spending bill, Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid filed cloture for the DREAM Act and a stand-alone repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" — both of which are now expected to reach the Senate for final votes as early as this weekend…

    Republican Sens. Brown (who on Thursday confirmed his willingness to vote for the bill), Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Olympia Snowe (Maine) have said they would support the bill, and all but one Democrat – West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin – is believed to be in favor of voting for repeal.

    The prospects of the DREAM Act, however, are less clear. The measure, which would provide undocumented young people with pathways to American citizenship, has inspired criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike, and a Senate vote on the legislation was recently delayed due to lack of sufficient support for passage.

    It's sad enough that these are even issues being vigorously debated in the year 2010 in which we are currently living. What's sadder, though, is that I'd actually feel like it'd be a victory to get one of these bills through.

    Fantastic job of managing expectations, Congress! That is one thing you do very well!

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  • Stephen Colbert on 2012 Hopeful John Thune's Presidenciminess

    by Dina Hashem

    European gambling websites Intrade and Betfair have placed their bets on Republican nominees for the 2012 election. And I say Blasphemy! How dare they cheapen our government in such a way? Gambling should be reserved for games of chance, where outcomes are decided arbitrarily and lack thoughtful deliberation and rationality. That’s nothing like American politics!

    But that aside, they’ve placed a surprise bet on South Dakota Sen. John Thune. Sure, you’ve never heard of him, and he’s only polling at 2 percent, behind nominees Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. But he has the most important quality among them: "Looking presidential." And you have to admit, those other guys just don't look so much like presidents as they do like douchebags…

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm / 10:30c.

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  • Who's Got Two Showgirls and Is Probably Running for Governor of Nevada?

    This guy!

    Okay, it's not official yet, but it's looking really good for Oscar Goodman — the Independent current mayor of Las Vegas, Philadelphia native, and celebrity spokesperson for Bombay Gin — to announce his next big move in the near future. And announce it in style…

    "I envision making my announcement to run for governor with showgirls on my arm. If [the people] don't like it, they can vote for someone else. And if I'm governor, I'll cavort with showgirls and I'll keep drinking my gin and betting on anything that moves," Goodman told the Philadelphia Inquirer, his hometown paper. "I won't change!"

    You had me at "run for governor with showgirls on my arm." You had me at "run for governor with showgirls on my arm."

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