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Gary Johnson
  • Gary Johnson Files an Official Complaint Over Not Getting to Degrade Himself with the Rest of the GOP Candidates

    Can you imagine how hard it must be to know that there's a big clown show going on just around the block, and — though you've spent the evening smearing your face with multicolored greasepaint — no novelty-sized invitation has arrived in your mailbox? That's kind of what Gary Johnson has been dealing with lately with regards to the GOP debates.

    But, you know what? He's going to do something about it. And by "do something about it," I mean file some paperwork that will most likely be ignored

    Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign is filing an official complaint with both the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over their candidate’s exclusion from the most recent GOP debate, Johnson’s campaign announced Tuesday.

    Johnson’s complaint charges that debate sponsor CBS significantly contributed to the candidates who were allowed to participate in the debate, "directly and significantly supporting those candidates it favors, and advocating the nomination of one of their favorites and opposing the nomination of [Johnson], whom CBS evidently disfavors."…

    Saturday’s debate, co-hosted by CBS and National Journal, was the first debate to air on broadcast television. According to Johnson’s complaint, "the public owns the airways over which CBS broadcasts, and the public deserves to be free from bias —  favoring some candidates over others — as well as illegal support of certain presidential candidates on national network television."

    Sure he's polling terribly with the Republican base and has just-next-to-no-chance of winning his party's nomination. But is that really an excuse for the media to exclude him from getting to bang his head against a metaphorical wall of solid granite on national television?

    If it were, then what's Rick Santorum doing up there?

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  • Gary Johnson Almost Forgets to File for New Hampshire Primary

    Whether it's the Gary Johnson rule keeping him from participating in the GOP debates or scant media coverage holding back his message of fiscal retrenchment, tax cuts and pot legalization, the former two-term governor of New Mexico has had a hard time gaining traction in the Republican presidential primaries.

    The campaign's salvation was to come in what Johnson operatives called "the New Hampshire path," a focus on the NH primary, which allows independent voters to participate in partisan primaries, while requiring only a $1,000 ballot access fee plus a one-page declaration of candidacy that can be filled out between Funyun binges, and carries no petition requirement to interfere with marathon Gears of War sessions.

    The Johnson campaign was like, all over it, man, until

    But as of Thursday evening, Johnson had not yet completed that task. State law says that the documents can be submitted by mail or by proxy. But if they are not received before the final day, the candidate must deliver them in person.

    Johnson was scheduled to start a three-day visit to Arizona beginning Thursday. But his campaign quickly changed plans when the embarrassing mixup was pointed out.

    "He'll be filing in person," Johnson's New Hampshire coordinator, Brinck Slattery, said in an email.

    Johnson was faced with no choice but to file in person this morning, saving himself the embarrassment… Well, no, not saving him any embarrassment, but at least saving his spot on the New Hampshire ballot.

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  • The Western Republican Debate/Brawl Winners and Losers

    In an exciting development for the struggling producers of such American classics as Thunderbird, Cisco and Wild Irish Rose, the Republican presidential candidates held their ninth debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city suffering from some of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. The winners and losers, in gloriously objective alphabetical order…

    The Losers:

    Michele Bachmann said this: "The president, he put us in Libya. He is now putting us in Africa. We already were stretched too thin, and he put our special operations forces in Africa." But can she see Uganda, where the U.S. has deployed 100 special forces operatives, from her house?

    Herman Cain was attacked from all sides

    The first to feel the assault was the front-runner of the moment, Herman Cain, who is struggling to prove that he is a serious contender and not merely another evanescent phenom of this election season. He was thrown on the defense by new criticism of his signature '9-9-9' tax overhaul plan, which an independent analysis released shortly before the debate indicated would be a boon to the wealthy and put a significantly heavier burden on lower- and middle-income Americans.

    Cain defended his proposal by pointing to an analysis conducted by Fiscal Associates, Inc. of Virginia, a firm directed by a longtime supporter of a national sales tax. The 10-page analysis is emblazoned with the word "draft" and doesn't include a single distributional table, so…you know can trust it.

    Newt Gingrich won the debate according to some lady named Sarah Palin. Did not win the debate according to those of us who inhabit reality.

    Ron Paul made a serious points about the costs of American empire. Unfortunately, had to make those points in conversation with Rick Santorum, which is enough to ruin anyone's day.

    "Rick Perry ate his wheaties. Unfortunately, he mixed them with Nonsense Juice." – Dave Weigel, and 'roids, definitely some steroids.

    Mitt Romney is still showing too much evidence of being a somewhat competent technocrat to secure the nomination.

    Rick Santorum is still invited to these things?

    And the Winners:

    Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson won.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: It Gets Better

    * You know that guy who wants to make a Constitutional amendment to legally strip the rights from that one minority group? Well, some comedy show made fun of him. Why are liberals always "bullying" him?

    * Here's an article about Gary Johnson seemingly seeking the support pagan voters. Which seems to be somewhat heretical to me. Isn't written somewhere that "Thou shalt not suffer a Gary Johnson to get media attention"?

    * James O'Keefe just uncovered a pernicious leftist plot to make it appear as though there is no pernicious leftist plot. Not sure which Halloween costume he used this time. I hoping Slutty Nurse.

    * Barack Obama just compared Occupy Wall Street to Tea Party, once again showcasing his innate ability to make everybody on both sides of the aisle happy all at once.

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  • LiveBlogging the #CNNDebate in Las Vegas, Tonight @ 8/7c

    As a great American once said, you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to suggest electrocuting Mexican immigrants. Join us here and @TheInDecider tonight at 8/7c for live coverage of the GOP #CNNDebate in Las Vegas.

    In the lineup: Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, the ghost of Ronald Reagan.

    Not in the lineup: Jon Huntsman (boycotting), Gary Johnson (against the rules), Buddy Roemer (what's he up to, anyway?), Fred Karger (probably also against the rules), rational explanations of workable policies.

    See you tonight!

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