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Gene Robinson
  • Obama Team Apologizes for Getting Caught Hiding Gay Guy

    Okay, okay, okay. Maybe we'll let people hear what the gay guy had to say after all.

    Jeeze, you people don't miss a trick!

    The officials who planned Sunday's inaugural music celebration, We Are One, have apologized for a error that resulted in excluding the invocation by openly gay Episcopal bishop, the Rev. Gene Robinson, from the televised portion of the program. They also say the bishop's prayer may be broadcast on the big screens before Tuesday's inauguration program begins…

    There is talk that Robinson's invocation will be shown early tomorrow and the inauguration committee may post video of his prayer on its channel within the video-sharing Web site YouTube. But the committee has not yet confirmed that to me.

    "May be broadcast on the big screens before Tuesday's inauguration"? You mean… you mean… you mean… where people could actually see and hear him?

    Aw… That'd be might straight of them.

    (via Towleroad)

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  • Don't Ask About Gay Bishop, Don't Tell Anyone He Gave a Prayer at Yesterday's Obama Concert

    If it seemed to you that there was something missing from yesterday's We Are One Concert at the Lincoln Memorial — I mean, besides entertainment value — then you're right. At least if you were watching it it on television.

    A lot of people made a lot of big deal about the Obama team's decision to include a prayer by homosexual bishop Gene Robinson in one of its inaugural events, supposedly as somewhat of an olive branch to members of the LGBT community — angry that homophobic Saddleback pastor Rick Warren will be delivering the invocation at the actual inauguration — if not to adherents of the United States Constitution's frowning on matters of church and state.

    So, where was Robinson yesterday. I saw a whole lot of dreck. But I didn't see an religious mythology dreck. What happened?

    Openly gay bishop Gene Robinson delivered the opening prayer before the start of the concert, but the prayer was not included as part of HBO's broadcast.

    Contacted Sunday night by concerning the exclusion of Robinson's prayer, HBO said via email, "The producer of the concert has said that the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the decision to keep the invocation as part of the pre-show."

    …[I]t does seem that the network's position is that they had nothing to do with the decision.

    Jeeze, if Barack Obama was gonna cut anybody out of his Imperial Victory Celebration, I think they would have been better served turning the cameras off during Bono's ten-minute salute to himself than the one gay guy who was allowed on the stage.

    But — maybe, just maybe — the Obama team decided at the last minute that a prayer to the Sky God really had no place in a government event. And, if so, good for them.

    Presumably, we won't be seeing any of Rick Warren's fire-and-brimstone rhetoric in tomorrow's event either, right?


    (via Dan Savage)

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  • Homosexual Bishop Chosen to Help Barack Obama Blur Line Between Church and State

    In gay news today, it's just recently been gay announced that that a gay bishop will be giving a gay prayer at one of the gay-friendlier president-elect's totally-straight-and-not-at-all-gay inaugural events this upcoming weekend…

    New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson–the worldwide congregation's first openly gay bishop– will be delivering the prayer at one of President-elect Barack Obama's first inauguration events at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on January 18…

    The rest of the line up hasn't been announced yet, however both PEBO ["President-elect Barack Obama," we think] and Biden will be there, and Obama is expected to speak.

    How about that? The new president is not only gonna let himself been seen at the same event as a gay, but he's also gonna maybe speak at the same event as a gay. That on top of hiring a gay to work on his staff.

    If he keeps up this kind of behavior, he might just get himself a reputation. A reputation as an agent of tolerance and open-mindedness.

    He's gonna have to work really hard to rid himself of those kinds of stigmas or he'll never get himself re-elected in 2012.

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