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George P. Bush
  • Quote Unquote: George Bush – The Reboot

    George P. Bush — son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and nephew of George W. Bush — on his possible future


    "Right now I'm reviewing potential opportunities, and we'll — we'll see where it takes me."


    Unlike a lot of George Bush fanboys out there, I'm not totally opposed to this idea. I mean, sure, we've already had two iterations of this character in the past 20 years. But you've really got to discount the first one. The second one, however is classic. As close to canon as we're likely to get. But that doesn't mean that's there's no room for a new interpretation.

    Like, what if this new George Bush had, like, mutant deciding powers? Or a robotic hand in which to crush civil liberties? It's a different take, but it could work.

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