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  • Quote Unquote: Light Years Better

    GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia on his political group's endorsement for anti-marriage equality, pro-repeal of DADT candidate Mitt Romney


    "For far too long, the gay left in this country has been allowed to dictate what they believe qualify as 'gay issues.' We think that jobs, the economy, healthcare, retirement security and taxes are all 'gay issues,' and on every single one of those issues, Mitt Romney is light years better than President Obama."


    I wonder how all those gun-shooting truck-driving conservatives are going to react when they find out that all the things they care about are "gay issues."

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  • Conservatives Running Away from Conservative Conference Because Some Gays Might Show Up

    Uh oh! Looks like some of the heads of conservative movement's "values voters" wing has caught wind that some gay people are planning on attending their annual orgiastic patriot party.

    Can't risk being associated with those types

    Some of the nation's most prominent social conservatives are sending a message to their economic brethren by dropping out of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in response to the decision to include GOProud, a gay conservative group, as a participating organization.

    "The base-line reason is that homosexuality is not a conservative value," said Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association's director of issue analysis. "It's the conservative PAC, not the libertarian PAC."…

    Other social-issues groups opting to avoid the conference include the Heritage Foundation, the Family Research Council, the Center for Military Readiness, the American Family Association, the American Principles Project, the Liberty Counsel and the National Organization for Marriage.

    I cannot even imagine the cognitive gymnastic ability needed to be an out gay-person and an avowed conservative these days. It must be like manning a gun turret in a fighter plane while fist swordfighting with all your fellow crewmen at the same time. Except with about a third of the other crewmen trying to grab your package when they think no one's looking. just seems like a lot to deal with.

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  • Ann Coulter to Headline Convention for (Non-Closeted) Gay Conservatives

    This shouldn't really come as any great shock to anyone. Aren't most gay events MC'ed by drag queens?

    Conservative pundit and unlikely gay ally Ann Coulter is set to headline the first annual Homocon, "a party to celebrate gay conservatives" put on by GOProud, the "only national organization representing gay conservatives." The festivities are scheduled to take place in New York City on September 25.

    "The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests. Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the 'no fun police' on the left," said Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud, in a statement. "I can't think of any conservative more fun to headline our inaugural party then the self-professed 'right-wing Judy Garland' – Ann Coulter."

    This is cool and all. I'm actually glad that conservatives are starting to be more accepting of the LGBT community, but I really don't see why they need another big gay conservative get-together. What's wrong with their old one, the Republican National Convention?

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