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Greg Davis
  • "Family Values" Conservative in Trouble Over Allegedly Taxpayer-Funded Sex Toy Purchases

    A closeted elected official with a personal interest in cock rings? A Dog Bites Man story and none of anyone's business.

    A married, Republican, Southern mayor who unsuccessfully ran for Congress on a "conservative, family-values platform" later forced to reveal he's gay? Still boring! Call me when the Rick Santorum gay orgy scandal comes to light — we all know that one's going to be epic.

    At least Southhaven, Mississippi Mayor Greg Davis ups the ante for your run-of-the-mill Republican gay sex scandal by allegedly having the taxpayers foot the bill for some extra-governmental purchases

    The receipts were provided to state auditors in hopes of decreasing the approximately $170,000 they have demanded Davis repay the city for improper charges to both his city-issued and personal credit cards. Auditors asked city aldermen, who approved the expenses, to review the receipts before making a decision on accepting them to reduce Davis' payments…

    …a review by [The Commercial Appeal newspaper] shows that Davis spent thousands of dollars at the Mesquite Chop House in Southaven and thousands more at local liquor stores. Also included in the receipts is a charge for $67 at Priape, a store in Toronto that is described by its website as "Canada's premiere gay lifestyle store and sex shop."

    I'm willing to cut the mayor some slack. You have to keep the head of Mississippi's third largest municipality in good spirits, even if it takes public appropriations, because otherwise…I don't know, but something terrible is bound to happen. The really troubling question is, how can America win the future when even small-town mayors are doing their shopping at Canadian gay lifestyle stores? Buy American, people!

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