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Hank Williams Jr.
  • Hank Williams, Jr. Further Shames His Family for John McCain

    If you know anything about country music (yes, I'm looking at you, Senator Byrd), you know that Hank Williams, Sr. is one of the seminal figures of the entire genre, while his son Hank, Jr. is a hack and a disgrace. (The Monday Night football song notwithstanding.)

    Now Hank Jr. has taken one step further in his career-long mangling of the family legacy. He's transformed one of his few decent songs into partisan bluster for John McCain

    [Hank Williams, Jr.] has made a foray into politics, penning new lyrics to a song he wrote called "Family Tradition" In the original tune, he linked himself to his dad's drinking and drug-abuse demons. The new version — a paean to John McCain and Sarah Palin — takes a decidedly different tack, as evident from its opening lines:

    The left-wing liberal media have
    Always been a real close knit family.
    But most of the American People
    Don't believe 'em anyway, ya see.

    Williams is setting a dangerous precedent by adapting old country songs to fit the current political climate. Consider the potential 21st century subjects for the following classic tunes…

    * "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" (by Willie Nelson) — George W. Bush

    * "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink" (by Merle Haggard) — Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT)

    * "I Walk The Line" (by Johnny Cash) — Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY)

    * "Your Cheatin' Heart" (by Hank's own father!) — John McCain

    * "The Weight" (by the Band) — Mike Huckabee

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