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  • Harvard Geniuses Re-Open the Old "Racism or Satire" Debate

    When you think Harvard, you think highbrow. It's an institution where serious people go to study serious subjects, like law and underwater lacrosse-stick weaving. Chances are their senses of humor are also erudite: if a Harvardian laughs at a fart joke, it must have included an especially obscure T. S. Eliot reference. (Five bucks to the person who can make that joke.)

    Recently some fun-loving Harvard students pulled a prank that was either a boorish insult to minorities and women or a delightful piece of lampoonery. (Lampoonery is a real word, although I had to look that up, because I went to a state school.) The stunt involved the publication of a fake party flier that said "Jews need not apply," but "coloreds" and "Rophynol" [sic] are "OK."

    Many people were outraged by this. Other people were… well, the opposite of that.

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