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  • Cast of "The Wire" to Headline Obama Fundraiser

    In what is no doubt part of a physics experiment being conducted by CERN scientists to determine what happens when the most annoying segments of American society — pro-Obama liberals and diehard fans of The Wire* – combine into one insufferable mass of bourgeois white people, the Obama Victory Fund is holding a fundraiser with the cast of the HBO show on Martha's Vineyard.

    Scheduled for August 15, tickets run from $500 to $2,500 a person and won't include seeing the President, who is not scheduled to attend.

    Though there's incongruence to an expensive fundraiser being thrown at an exclusive vacation spot being thematically associated with a show set in the bleak urban dystopia of West Baltimore, it's somehow apt.

    The Wire explored how large institutions serve themselves at the expense marginalized individuals while devouring the reformers who hope to make marginal changes in the system. That happens to be the story of the Obama administration's first term.  The Wire is a searing critique of America's drug war. The Obama administration is a key actor in prolonging America's drug war. A few Wire plot-lines explore the corrupting influence of money and politics… and this is a $500 fundraiser. Aren't these parallels uplifting?

    But also, "…is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?" Totally, the Obama administration policy on governmental transparency, so maybe the President is taking the lessons of his favorite show to heart.


    * I am one of you people, relax.

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  • Tweet Untweet: Newsroom News

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  • Our Endorsements: The Fool on the Hill

    * Mitt Romney's "Magical Underwear Tour" is waiting to take you away to The Hamptons.

    * Hillary Clinton like you've never seen her before.

    * Funny or Die's Ronna and Beverly talk to Veep actor Matt Walsh.

    * The Washington Monument gets set up with some uppity French building, from The Onion.

    * Obama and Romney as teenagers on facebook, from College Humor.

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  • HBO Apologizes for Putting George Bush's Head on a Spike

    Yesterday — after news surfaced that Game of Thrones featured a scene in which George W. Bush's head was given a cameo and the right-side of the Internet erupted in collective indignation — HBO officials issued a formal apology, adding that they "were deeply dismayed to see this and find it unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste." So, that should calm everybody down, right?

    Haha, no seriously. Such apologies seem pretty unlikely to calm the jangled patriot-nerves of conservatives like Brooklyn GOP chair Craig Eaton, who has never seen the show but also is never ever going to watch the show now. So, take that, HBO

    "I think that it's despicable. As a country, Democrats, Republicans, we have to have respect for the office and the individuals," Mr. Eaton said to the Mail Online. "Once we lose that respect, the United States looks weak."…

    "Whether you like him or dislike him, whether you're of the same political persuasion or not, we still have to respect the office of the presidency and all of those who hold that presidency," Mr. Eaton said. He said that even he would never condone President Barack Obama's head being impaled for a television show.

    "Americans of all political persuasions should stand up and demand that things like this should not continue," Mr. Eaton said.

    Right on! Rally the troops, Craig!

    "They should boycott watching this particular show."

    Hmmmm… yes, a boycott. That's certainly one way to go about it. But, I don't know… Here's the thing with that. At the end of this last season, we finally got a good look at some White Walkers and they had this entire army of the undead that they were bringing to… Well, that's not important. Let's just suffice to say that right now is not a good time for a Game of Thrones boycott. Maybe after next season.

    Although, jeeze. I'm really kinda dying to find out who Jon Snow's mother is. Oh, and what's going to happen with Dany's dragons. Is she ever coming back to Westeros?

    I'll tell you what. I'll boycott the show right after we find out who's going to sit upon the Iron Throne permanently. Is that a good compromise?

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  • Do You Recognize This Severed Head?

    According to the audio commentary for the season 1 finale to Game of Thrones, a certain well-known figure in American politics somehow ended up making a cameo as a decapitated head on a poll in Westeros' capital city Kings Landing.

    Can you figure out who it is?

    Answer after the jump…

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