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  • Republicans Get Permission to Be Nicer to Hispanic Voters

    It's amazing what an Election Day thumping can do. Apparently, it can even bring back the dead. Here, for example, is the 2006 version of John McCain sprung back to life…

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  • Barack Obama Made 7 Million White People Disappear

    The emerging pundit consensus claims that Barack Obama's victory was driven in large part by extraordinarily high turnout among African Americans and Hispanics. But number crunching by Sean Trende — a conservative who does not believe that math is witchcraft — suggests that the increases in the minority vote were merely in line with population growth.

    According to Trende's analysis, which is preliminary pending the final vote count and release of the full exit polls, minorities constituted a relatively high portion of the electorate primarily because fewer white voters participated in 2012 compared to 2008…

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  • Arizona Creates Special Voting Day for Spanish-Speaking Citizens

    Arizona catches a lot of flak for — let's be honest — its asshattery when it comes to how it treats the Hispanic community. For a state that was technically born in Mexico, Arizona spends a lot of time obsessing over the president's birth certificate and the legal papers of anyone with a darkened skin tone.

    Fortunately, for lovers of civil liberties and cultural tolerance, all that is in the past. In fact, Maricopa County, AZ has opened new frontiers in the accommodation of Spanish-speaking voters, by creating a special Election Day just for them…

    The document, which was attached to updated voter registration cards that were requested in person, lists the general election date as Nov. 8 in Spanish. An English translation on the document lists the correct date, Nov. 6.

    Between this and the news that Spanish-speaking voters in Florida are receiving phone calls from anonymous persons informing them that they can vote over the phone, it's clear we've turned a page in our voter suppression wars.

    And opened a whole new chapter.

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  • Who Is More Latino: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both making a play for the roughly 12 million Latino voters expected to cast ballots this year, but does either candidate have the huevos to make a full pander to America's fastest growing demographic? Let's find out…

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  • Meet Mayor Julian Castro, DNC Keynote Speaker and Future President

    Mayor Julián Castro will be the keynote speaker on opening night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, getting the futbol rolling on Democratic efforts to dominate the Hispanic vote in November.

    Marking a first for Hispanic-Americans, the mayor of San Antonio will speak on September 4th, following first lady Michelle Obama, according to an announcement from the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Convention Committee.

    As keynote speaker, the little known Castro will step into the same role that propelled Barack Obama into national prominence when he delivered the keynote address in 2004. Since we may be looking at a 2016 presidential nominee, what else do we know about this young man?

    * At 37, he's the youngest mayor of a major American city. Home to the Alamo, San Antonio is most famous for being the site of the most hopeless battle in Texas history (until the Perry campaign came along), but also happens to be the 7th most populous city in America.

    * He's a graduate of Stanford, and like Obama, Harvard Law School. So probably has a video of him giving a terrorist hug to a liberal professor.

    * He was the first San Antonio mayor to be grand marshal of the city's annual gay rights parade, which is a thing that's allowed to happen in parts of Texas, apparently.

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