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  • Homophobia Not Quite as Popular in America These Days

    One of America's most cherished traditions is real danger of being washed away with the coming generation, if this new Gallup poll is to be believed.

    It's hard to believe that our children may be forced to grow up in a society in which it is not culturally-acceptable to mock and subjugate gay people for being gay

    The slight majority of American adults, 54%, consider gay or lesbian relations morally acceptable. Public acceptance of gay/lesbian relations as morally acceptable grew slowly but steadily from 38% in 2002 to 56% in 2011 and is now holding at the majority level…

    Gallup's longer-term question measuring U.S. attitudes about gays asks whether gay or lesbian relations should or should not be legal. The 63% now saying gay relations should be legal nearly matches the record-high 64% of a year ago, which came after a long-term increase in support for legality from 32% in 1986.

    This is really great news for Republicans!

    Oh, no, I don't mean the Republican Party. This probably doesn't bode well for that entity in its current incarnation. What I'm talking about is the the roughly two-fifths of all individual Republican legislators who won't face nearly as much of a backlash now when they get themselves Larry Craiged.

    Congratulations, guys!

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  • The Daily Show on the Gay Marriage-ing of America

    I, for one, will be incredibly happy the day that this marriage equality issue is settled and behind us. The fact that it's gone on this long is absolutely ridiculous, completely unfair and absurdly inhumane. I mean, do you have any idea how hard it is to keep coming up with new jokes for this every day?

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    Coverage continues with Senior Hollywood Correspondent Jason Jones after the jump.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

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  • Mitt Romney Was "Johnny" from "The Karate Kid" Back in School

    You ever look at a person and try to figure out which iconic character from an '80s-era teen-themed movie they were back in school? Because we all were one of them. Some of us were Lane Meyer from Better Off Dead. Some of us were John Bender from The Breakfast Club. Some small few of us were Ferris Bueller. Some of us were Ducky. (Actually a lot of us were Ducky.)

    Mitt Romney — as an 18-year-old senior at Cranbrook prep school on Bloomfield Hills, Michigan — just so happens to have been "Sweep the Leg Johnny" from The Karate Kid

    John Lauber, a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney, was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality. Now he was walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair that draped over one eye, and Romney wasn't having it.

    "He can't look like that. That's wrong. Just look at him!" an incensed Romney told Matthew Friedemann, his close friend in the Stevens Hall dorm, according to Friedemann’s recollection. Mitt, the teenaged son of Michigan Gov. George Romney, kept complaining about Lauber's look, Friedemann recalled.

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  • North Carolina Voters Are Getting Ready to Ban Gay Marriage

    Wow! People sure do turn out in droves when given the opportunity to beat up on an already put-upon minority group

    The latest polling [55 to 39 percent] in North Carolina suggests the state’s voters will choose to ban same-sex unions via referendum today, even as popular opinion nationwide trends in support of gay marriage.

    North Carolina already bans gay marriage by statute. Amendment One goes beyond confining marriage to heterosexual couples; it amends the constitution to also ban civil unions and domestic partnerships…

    The issue is clearly driving considerable enthusiasm — and turnout. Nearly half a million people voted early in North Carolina — more than did in the 2008 presidential election.

    There's a real lesson to be learned here. If liberals could only somehow manage to convince Americans that the One Percent were mostly gay dudes or hispanics or something, I imagine there'd be a huge upsurge of populist support for economic reform.

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  • Obama Administration Secretly Endorses Abstinence-Only Education

    CondomAs a public service, the Department of Health and Human Services keeps an updated list of "evidence-based" teen pregnancy prevention programs that it endorses. It's a refreshing change of pace from the Bush administration, which relied more on scripture than science for their sex education policies.

    Unfortunately, according to the hawk-eyed bloggers over at RH Reality Check, the list received an unexpected addition some time last month. If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a little program called Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education.

    So, what is this scientifically proven, fact-based program the Obama administration now endorses?

    Heritage Keepers contains little or no information about puberty, anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases, or sexual behavior. Instead, most of its lessons are devoted to promoting the importance of heterosexual marriage and the value of abstinence before marriage. Students are asked to take virginity pledges and class time is devoted to having students envision and plan their wedding days…

    [A]t best Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education ignores LGBT youth – and at worst it promotes homophobia. The stigmatization of LGBT youth throughout the program reinforces the cultural invisibility and bias these students already face in many schools and communities.

    Oh. That sounds, um, scientific.

    It's unclear how President Obama can urge anyone to take a virginity pledge when he's clearly in bed with social conservatives on this one.

    In any case, I don't think Heritage Keepers is really as anti-gay as its critics claim. The curriculum includes wedding planning. And who doesn't love envisioning their own wedding day? Newt Gingrich loves it so much, he did it three times!

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