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Howard Dean
  • Howard Dean Is Excited About His Colbert Report Viral Video

    Governor Howard Dean taped a web-exclusive video backstage at The Colbert Report recently, and it's going to be huge. It's going to be more viral than Keyboard Cat and SARS combined.

    When you woke up this morning, you might have thought this could be the day you see Howard Dean name-drop Digg.

    Certainly you may have wondered if this would possibly be the day he shouts out Boing Boing or Videogum or Nah Right.

    But I'll bet dollars to donuts, you didn't guess you'd hear Howard Dean utter the words "Street Boners and TV Carnage" today. I always thought that would happen on a Tuesday.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm / 10:30c.

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  • Tom Daschle Offered HHS and HRC Continues to Dither

    Early Obama supporter Tom Daschle has been rewarded for his endorsement with the plum appointment of Secretary of Health and Human Services, which gives him command of the Centers for Disease Control, the Rats of NIMH and the very simple task of reforming the nation's health insurance system.

    Wait, didn't Daschle work as a lobbyist after getting booted from the Senate?

    Although not a registered lobbyist, he provides "strategic advice" to commercial clients in the fields of health care, energy, telecommunications and taxes, according to public documents. His wife, Linda Hall Daschle, is registered, and she is regarded as one of the most influential professional lobbyists in the capital.

    Oh, his wife's the lobbyist. He just plays Stratego. No problem!

    Speaking of botched health care plans, Hillary Clinton continues to play the "will she, won't she" game on the Secretary of State front. Even as President Clinton is going through some heavy vetting to clear the way for an appointment, Senator Clinton can't decide whether she wants the job…

    "A lot of the speculation and reporting is out ahead of the facts here," said the person, who requested anonymity. "She is still weighing this, independent of President Clinton's work."

    Is it because she doesn't want to be associated with a place called Foggy Bottom?

    The exciting part of this otherwise incredibly boring cabinet appointment is that we can continue to play everyone's favorite game, What Will Dean Do? After failing miserably at his 50 state strategy (Obama only won 29), Chairman Dean is looking for a new job. What should Dean Do Next? Aside from start that Fugazi cover band.

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  • Howard Dean to Ride Off Into Sunset

    Former Vermont Governor and 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean electrified the Democratic Party when he ran for and won the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee four years ago.

    He embarked on a "50-State Strategy" of spreading party resources across the country, not just in swing states, which many observers credit for the Democrats' gains in places like Indiana and North Carolina.  And he publicly challenged RNC chair Mike Duncan to a duel.

    But now he has announced that his time as DNC chair is done

    Mr. Dean’s decision not to seek a second term had been expected after Senator Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election last week. New presidents typically install their own party leaders.

    Advisers said Mr. Dean had little interest in being party chairman with a Democrat in the White House; historically, the power and visibility of the post is substantially diminished when a party member holds the presidency. Mr. Dean also had long said he would not stay in the position even if Mr. Obama had lost.

    Mr. Dean is being mentioned in Washington circles as a potential member of Mr. Obama’s cabinet, perhaps as secretary of health and human services. He is a physician, and as governor of Vermont he undertook a huge effort to expand the state’s health care coverage.

    Dean may be gunning for a cabinet post, but my guess is that he's eager to head back to Vermont, roll up his sleeves, and do some good old-fashioned shrieking.

    Meanwhile, the DNC will be looking for a new chairperson.  Possible choices to fill Dean's shoes include…

    * Congressman Jim McDermott (also a medical doctor)

    * Senator John Kerry (also a failed presidential candidate desperate for a new purpose in life)

    * CNBC's Jim Cramer (also famous for enraged screaming fits)

    Any more suggestions out there?

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  • MSNBC: Howard Dean's Penis…

    …is firmly planted in Chris Matthews' mouth right now. 

    And Matthews won't let him pull it out.

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  • Mainstream Liberal Media Shocked to Learn White Voters Supporting Barack Obama

    In an article entitled "Level of White Support for Obama a Surprise", the New York Times' John Harwood expressed shock yesterday that Barack Obama was receiving some support from white voters. Apparently, their recent polling indicates that certain white Americans have hinted that they may consider voting for Obama, even though he is an admitted African-American.

    Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times went even further in an article printed this morning claiming that some white voters even like the fact that Obama is a member of a racial minority, and have been inspired to vote for him because of it!

    These mainstream newspapers shouldn't be so surprised. After all, we've known for weeks that literally dozens of white people all across the country have announced that they will vote for Obama, including…

    * Joe Biden
    * Howard Dean
    * Rosie O'Donnell
    * Colin Powell
    * Bill Ayers
    * Obama's grandmother
    * Karl Marx

    The rest of the newspaper's investigations were much less surprising. In keeping with the status quo, their polls found that absolutely no senior citizens, veterans, or real Americans planned to vote for Obama.

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