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  • The Idaho Militia Wants YOU

    And you. And you. And you. You too, grandma. State Sen. Jim Rice (R-Caldwell) wants to change the Idaho constitution to expand the state's militia to include every Idaho adult.

    His reasoning: if the Supreme Court ever decides that the right to possess AR-15s and other small-penis-compensators belongs only to "well-organized militias" and not individuals, Idaho will have a well-armed "backstop" against gun-grabbing liberals.

    Pretty clever, until you realize that Sen. Rice's plan for defending Idahoans against big government tyranny involves automatically enrolling them into a government posse. Hey, nothing says personal freedom like a draft.

    On the other hand, the Idaho constitution already enrolls all "able-bodied male persons, residents of this state, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years" into their own private Idaho army, so forcing women to join may be the most progressive suggestion an Idaho legislator has ever made.

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  • Five Best Counties for Conservative Republicans

    Few things are more painful than losing a hard-fought political campaign. Just about the only salve that can soothe the anguish — besides counting down the days to the 2016 Iowa Caucus — is the company of like-minded Americans who share your frustration at the Sharia socialist policies of the current president.

    But what if you live in San Francisco or Cambridge or in some hippy-dippy Vermont township where rural white people refuse to vote the way Saint Ronnie Reagan ordained that rural white people vote? It may be time to move to friendlier environs. To help you with your real-estate decisions, here's some info about the five most Republican-leaning counties in America, as illuminated by the results of the 2012 election.

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  • Tea Party Officially Boycotting Reality

    Medical science is still unclear on whether it's possible to overdose from schadenfreude and liberal smugness, so supporters of Barack Obama should think carefully before reading about the latest Tea Party hope for electing Mitt Romney.

    Obamacare does not cover the artery-splitting joy produced at the sight of people who think Romney still has a shot at this thing

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  • One of a Kind Candidate: Dan English, Idaho State House, Athol, ID

    We've all seen this movie. Despite the odds, the grizzled, world-weary veteran steps begrudgingly back into the ring for one last fight. As long as his weekends are free.

    "This isn't the most convenient time given the demands of family and vocation," Dan English said, announcing his campaign for the State House seat from Athol, Idaho. "#$@% it, I'll do it anyway," he never said, but will have said in our hearts forever.

    English's opponent, four-term incumbent Phil Hart, is better known for things he hasn't done than things he has done. This refers, of course, to filing tax returns. Hart says income tax is unconstitutional. The IRS says he owes more than $550,000 in back taxes, so the taxman wants to foreclose on his log home–which was built from timber Hart stole from public land. Not only does a man who takes home a state wage avoid paying taxes, that home exists because he stole from public land, which again, is land that he doesn't pay for because he doesn't pay his taxes. This takes some massive Idaho potatoes.

    Still, English has a tough road ahead if he wants to win Athol's House seat–he's the first Democrat in a decade to make the attempt. He put it this way in his campaign announcement: "Running as a Democrat in Kootenai County, let alone in a district that has been judged to be among the reddest of the red districts in Idaho, is an uphill climb at best." Yes, Mr. English, it is. As it turns out, so is keeping a straight face when you say 'Athol.'

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    Previously: Dr. Bob Tiballi, "Coroner for life."

    Our friends at Dr Pepper are going to send Mr. English a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, and you get to choose its slogan:

    Want a custom t-shirt of your own? Of course you do! Head to and get started.

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  • Mitt Romney Wins Despite Comical Unlikability: 3 Lessons From Super Tuesday

    Mitt Romney came out ahead on Super Tuesday in the same way he's won most contests this primary cycle: with a resounding "Meh." He dominated Massachusetts (72.1%), had a strong finish in Massachusetts Junior (39.8% in VT), won the Idaho and Alaska caucuses, and pulled out a 1% victory over Rick Santorum in Ohio that was just unimpressive enough to keep the political media speculating about a "brokered convention" in August.

    So what did we learn?

    1. Romney dominated among the key "people who want to vote for someone who appears on the ballot" demographic. Despite the close finish, Romney is expected to pick up 35 delegates from Ohio compared to Santorum's 21, in part due to Santorum's failure to qualify for the ballot in three districts. In Virginia, Romney will come away with 43 delegates to Ron Paul's 3.

    2. If the convention is "brokered," Sarah Palin will be the wrong person to "fixer" it. In the Alaska caucuses, Palin cast her ballot for "the cheerful one…"

    "Who can best bust through that radical left's kind of dispensation and desire to mistreat those who are defenseless, mistreat those who perhaps have some disadvantages by making them more beholden to government? Who best can contrast themselves from that?" she continued. “I thought who best could do that [and] my own personal opinion is, the cheerful one, is Newt Gingrich. I have appreciated what he has stood for, stood boldly for."

    Newt Gingrich came in fourth in Alaska.

    3. Indecision punditry is not to be messed with. Here's my colleague Gonzalo's prediction: "I predict Mitt Romney will be the big winner but the news coverage will still make it seem like he lost somehow." And the Atlantic this morning

    If [Romney] does manage to pull it out, it seems clear it will be not with a bang but a whimper. As in Ohio, it will be narrowly, down to the wire, and with the maximum amount of stress and suffering.

    On to Guam and the Virgin Islands!

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