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  • The Pitjazzle: Jewelry for Your Underarms

    When we first heard about pitjazzling, we thought it had to be a joke. Nope: It's a (real!) sexy trend that's taken Hollywood, London and Paris by storm. For those who have already bedazzled their hoo-has with Swarovski crystals and exotic furs, underarm jewelry offers a way to think "outside the box."


    The Next Vajazzling?

    "Now that the Brazilian is passe and vajazzling is mainstream, women want new ways to make themselves feel special," says Amy Reinhardt, proprietor of Elegance Salon and Spa in West Hollywood, CA.

    Like its bare-with-flair counterpart in down-there landscaping, pitjazzling begins with a full wax. Customers can then choose from patterns like a rainbow or a heart or ask for a custom design. Crystals with an adhesive backing are applied in the desired shape and last up to two weeks.

    "Flowers remain the most popular selling design, but nothing beats bedazzling your pits with your boyfriend's initials," according to Reinhardt.


    Not Just for the Ladies

    Just as male penazzling took off soon after the launch of its lady-parts counterpart, pitjazzling is gaining popularity among men — but with a twist.

    "Many of our male clients have already added extra shine to their family jewels," explains Reinhardt. "To add more jewelry to their underams would be overdoing it."

    The solution is a new line of furs, tailored to fit the underams and applied with special adhesive by a trained technician, to replace the unsightly hair that naturally grows up there. Many salons offer all-natural fur products that will last for a minimum of a week. But these looks don't come cheap — the "Beary Dangerous," a fur sourced from the endangered Asiatic Black Bear, clocks in at $1000. For the budget-minded, Elegance Spa also offers the "Lush Grass" look — especially popular with eco-conscious types.

    So what do you think about a bejeweled or be-furred underarm wax — love it or leave it? How would your guy or gal react?

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  • Is Breathing Making You Fat?

    Research reveals your breathing habits could be the reason you can't keep the pounds off!


    Are Trees Out to Get You?

    Trees and plants bring oxygen to the outside air and we LOVE it (please don't stop, trees and plants!), but is all that O2 good for the waistline? Fortunately, breathing isn't a constant treat for most of us, so we're not lying on the bed to do up our jeans, yet. But the truth is hard to inhale — your breathing might be making you fat!


    The Hidden Drawbacks of Breathing

    "Respiration is an inescapable and necessary part of life," says Dr. Jeremy Hillman, a Los Angeles-based pulmonologist and author of The Hold Your Breath Diet: A 30 Day Plan for the New, Slimmer You. "But it's also related to the the biological processes that lead to fat creation."

    Gasp — we're not liking this! As if healthy living isn't hard enough in the modern world (4 o’clock doughnut break, anyone?), knowing that our lungs are sucking on the pounds seems extra-unfair.

    The culprit, explains Hillman, is a process called lipogenesis. Though oxygen in the air is mainly used for good things, like keeping our cells alive and our skin looking radiant, it's also involved in "fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis," big words that lead to bigger tummies.

    And those aren't the only downsides. "Swallowed air is the number-two cause of bloating, after the breakdown of undigested food," says Hillman.


    Tips to Keep the Pounds Off

    * Practice restricting your breathing. Two big gulps of air may be a good substitute for an XL froyo with unlimited toppings, but a single gulp is even better.

    * Dump your heavy-breathing companions. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people can actually "catch" obesity from close friends. So if you see a friend taking more then her fair share of deep breaths, walk away. Hang out with people who breathe less and you might lose weight, too.

    * Put that oxygen to good use. When our bodies are cold, we shiver, making our bodies heat — and use that air to burn calories, instead of making fat. So turn down the thermostat (bonus: save on your heating bills!) and watch those love handles disappear. Your new look? Breathtaking!

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  • 1 Scarf, 6 Looks

    Want to give your summer style an instant update? It's easy: With just one scarf your look can go from lackluster to maxluster. Here's how!

    Stylish scarf tied around the head for maximum style

    Tie it around your head.

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  • Bathing Suit Models' Diet Tips

    It's hard enough to deal with bathing suit season when it's just you, the dressing room and the dressing room mirror. Imagine what it would be like if bathing suit season lasted all year long — and the dressing room was a studio, and the dressing room mirror was a crowd of art directors, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and assistants. Can we get an "ack!"?

    With summer in full swing, we turned to the pros — women who make their livings in bikinis — for insider tips on what to eat (and what to avoid) if you want to get slim and stay that way. Good news: Treats are allowed!

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  • Make Him Wonder by Playing Against Your Zodiac Type

    Mystery makes any relationship more interesting. So keep him guessing by acting differently than your astrological sign would have him think. He won't know what hit him!

    Aries: You're always so competitive. So, let him win a game of Monopoly or two.

    Taurus: You tend to be an introvert. So, just this one time, ask him to dance.

    Gemini: Everyone knows hows sensitive you can be. So, why not remind your guy how bald he's getting?

    Cancer: You're always calm, a rock for all your friends. So, freak out, fall to the floor and have a crying fit over your next parking ticket.

    Leo: You can be so generous. So, maybe now's the time to refuse to share the rest of that chocolate mousse.

    Virgo: You're practical and efficient. So, take the long way to the movie theater tonight.

    Libra: You're always fair-minded and cooperative. So, for once in your life, demand that extra helping of ceviche.

    Scorpio: You have a reputation for being the smartest person in the room. So, talk about how much you like that new Adam Sandler movie.

    Sagittarius: You make a point of being direct in your everyday life. So, when you get home, beat around the bush about what you want for dinner.

    Capricorn: You're an ambitious go-getter. So, spend a week in your pajamas on the couch without bathing.

    Aquarius: You're logical, but sometimes detached. So, French kiss the next person you meet.

    Pisces: You're known for your creativity and trend-setting originality. So, start your own Pinterest page.

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