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  • Welcome to Our New Commenting System

    typewriterLongtime Indecision readers (Hi, mom!) will notice that things seem a little different around here today. We've redesigned the site, and we hope you like its look and the new features we've added.

    Among the changes you'll see is the way we handle comments. Commenting is now faster and simpler than ever, as we've switched to a streamlined Facebook login system. This is how easy it is: Click 'Comments,' sign in with your Facebook credentials and comment away. If you don't want your comment to appear in your Facebook stream, just uncheck the 'Post to Facebook' checkbox. That's it.

    Actually, one last thing. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our comment guidelines. And if you encounter any technical difficulties with the new system, let us know.

    As for all the comments from the old system, alas, they could not be transferred to this site. You'll just have to come up with new witticisms/attacks on our integrity. What are you waiting for?

    Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

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