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  • Presbyterians Are Awesome!

    Editor's Note: In the wake of controversy over The Atlantic's Church of Scientology advertorial, Comedy Central's Indecision is reviewing the guidelines that govern our content partnerships with faith-based groups (real and imaginary). However, that is going to take a while, so in the meantime, we'd like to share this important message.

    Presbyterians are awesome. Their branch of Christianity traces its roots to Scotland, which is also awesome. Look at these fucking bagpipes:

    So many awesome people are or were Presbyterians. John Wayne. Sally Ride. William Faulkner. Jimmy Stewart. Fred Rogers. That's right, Mr. Rogers was a Presbyterian. Won't you be my neighbor?

    The Presbyterian Church in the United States has done a ton of awesome things. They have a Disaster Assistance organization that is currently helping Hurricane Sandy survivors rebuild. They have established several awesome colleges and universities, including Queens University of Charlotte, Maryville College and the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, which has a really awesome and pretty library.

    Presbyterianism is also big in South Korea, for some reason (probably because Presbyterians are awesome). Let's watch that video again!

    In conclusion, Presbyterians are awesome.

    Checks may be made payable to Comedy Central's Indecision.

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  • Congress's Most Embarrassing Illegal Downloads

    Technology enthusiasts often complain that members of Congress regulate industries they know precious little about. You may remember these complaints, most recently, when legislators began meddling with the cat-video-streaming tubes by trying to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    Whatever you thought of the ill-fated SOPA, it's simply not true that Congress doesn't know anything about bittorrents and online piracy. They are experts at it.

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  • Help the State Department Name Its Blog

    Since the official Department of State blog launched in 2007, literally hundreds of people have visited DipNote to read carefully-phrased posts about American foreign policy. Now the blog is getting a redesign and possibly a new name, but–alas–only State employees were asked to submit names for the jazzed-up site coming in 2013.

    This is truly a shame, since we had so many great ideas for blog names and content to feature at relaunch, such as:

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  • Paul Ryan Defeats Ron Paul in Google War

    As my colleague Lisa Beth Johnson reported yesterday, Mitt Romney won 2012's Twitter battle, easily besting Barack Obama as the year's highest trending political figure. If only RTs really were endorsements, President Romney and Vice President #tcot would be leading their transition teams right now.

    Not to be outdone by the top of the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan was declared by Google to be the highest trending politician of 2012, besting Ron Paul, Obama, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Todd Akin, Joe Biden and Rick Perry, respectively.

    The Romney-Ryan presidential campaign/world's greatest SEO team also took the top four spots in the category of most searched for political gaffes with Big bird, 47 percent, binders full of women and airplane windows all beating out Akin's musing about legitimate rape.

    As expected, all these new media conquests have left conservatives positively giddy.

    Now, if only there was some process for determining which side's political ideas were really more popular with the American public.

    Todd Akin Opposes Abortion in Cases of Non-Pregnancy
    Paul Ryan's New Dance Craze
    Take These Polls Out of Your Asses, America

    Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • John McAfee Is a Menace to Bloggers Everywhere

    A few weeks ago, John McAfee was known as the creator of McAfee Antivirus, a program that acted like a condom for your computer, except when you didn't use it, something far more valuable than your body got a virus. Now John McAfee is known as a possibly-dangerous, insanely rich fugitive.

    Here's a quick recap of John McAfee's life over the last few weeks:

    November 12 – McAfee's home is searched by Belize police, who call him a person of interest in a murder. He hides by burying himself in the sand.

    November 17 – McAfee begins blogging as he evades police.

    December 5Guatemalan police detain McAfee for illegally entering the country and prepare to extradite him.

    December 6 – McAfee is denied asylum in Guatemala. He's now hospitalized and his lawyer claims he has suffered a heart attack:

    McAfee's lawyer vowed to block Guatemalan efforts to remove the entrepreneur and said the 67-year-old had suffered two mild heart attacks early on Thursday. McAfee was not taken to a hospital and posted on his blog during the morning hours.

    "I don't think a heart attack prevents one from using one's blog," said the lawyer, Telesforo Guerra.

    I've had mild colds that prevented me from blogging. I once stubbed my toe and took a half day off. If John McAfee had two heart attacks and continued to blog, then he is the world's hardest-working blogger.

    My real concern–aside from the fact that this guy is batshit–is the precedent he's setting for other bloggers. I can see it now: Some poor intern at Gawker keels over after working 29 hours straight, and his editor just props him up at his desk and places his lifeless fingers on the keyboard. A HuffPo writer is encouraged to liveblog her own open-heart surgery. The National Review bloggers are forced to keep writing even when Jonah Goldberg sits on them and reads aloud from his own books.

    Where will it end?

    [Ed. note: I guess you'll find out!]

    Photo by Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images

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