• Tim Pawlenty Also Likes Fun, Practical Jokes

    Ever since Ann Romney announced that Mitt Romney's running mate should be someone "that Mitt will enjoy, with the same personality type… and also competent, capable, and willing to serve this country," veepstakes speculation has flitted between a bowl of cold porridge, the bipartisan option of an Al Gore cardboard cutout and Tim Pawlenty (though there are a few other options).

    Gail Collins points to the Pawlenty's and Romney's similar tastes in what the latter calls "jokes as well as things that are fun…"

    They are also both proud of having a lively sense of humor. In his book, Pawlenty tells readers that once when he was introduced to a man who had just gotten a new hearing aid, he cracked up the room by "moving my lips as if I were talking but without saying anything so he'd think something was wrong."

    He's the perfect partner for someone whose idea of a good time involves impersonating a police officer and forcibly cutting a classmate's hair so it would make like the trees and become the right height. Maybe Pawlenty is already Romney's running mate and we just haven't noticed yet.

    They would make the perfect comedy duo. For their next performance, they'll turn Medicare into a premium support system where medical inflation gradually outstrips the value of the voucher, forcing poorer seniors to do without hearing aids.

    And then we'll laugh and laugh.

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