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  • Postcards from Mitt: Hello Israel!

    Mitt Romney


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  • Mitt Romney Hearts Israeli Socialism

    Following the British leg of his foreign trip in which he did everything to annoy the British except ask if the scones came from a local 7-11, many wondered how we he would manage to taunt the Israelis.

    Would he serve bacon wrapped shellfish at a fundraiser for Jews for Jesus? Or posthumously retroactively convert somebody's grandma?

    Alas, Romney chose to go in a different direction, offering praise for various aspects of Israeli life. It's still too early to tell whether actually being diplomatic is a more or less effective way of conducting diplomacy than insulting your hosts, but it's clear that Romney has fully dedicated him to this "say nice things" strategy, even at the cost of endorsing a healthcare system much more socialistic than Obamacare…

    "Do you realize what health care spending is as a percentage of the GDP in Israel? eight percent," Romney told donors at a fundraiser at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, speaking of a health care system that is compulsory for Israelis and funded by the government. "You spend eight percent of GDP on health care. You're a pretty healthy nation. We spend 18% of our GDP on health care. Ten percentage points more. That gap, that 10 percent cost, compare that with the size of our military — our military which is four percent — four percent. Our gap with Israel is 10 points of GDP. We have to find ways — not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to find and manage our health care costs."

    Israel actually goes beyond an "individual mandate" and is more akin to single-payer, since the government collects taxes to fund the healthcare system and then divvies up the revenue among four non-profit HMOs. Mitt-hog looked at this and saw his own Romneycare, which I think means we get 6 more weeks of pandering.

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  • Jay Carney Fails Pop Quiz on Capital of Israel

    Pop quiz time for White House Press Secretary Jay Carney!

    Reporter: What city does this Administration consider to be the capital of Israel? Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

    Jay Carney: Um… I haven't had that question in a while. Our position has not changed. Can we, uh…

    Reporter: What is the capital [of Israel]?

    Jay Carney: You know our position.

    Reporter: I don't.

    World Net Daily's Lester Kinsolving: No, no. She doesn't know, that's why she asked.

    Carney: She does know.

    Reporter: I don't.

    Kinsolving: She does not know. She just said that she does not know. I don't know.

    For chrissake, does nobody have a cell phone on them anymore?! Come on, guys. Get your shit together. You're reporters. Do a little research. This is, like, a really easy question to solve. What did they teach you in journalism school? You just type "capital of Israel" into Google and…

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  • Our Endorsements: Ladies Be Fightin'

    * The Army lets women fight in combat on one condition, from The Onion.

    * The Obamacare ruling explained by someone who doesn't understand it.

    * Billy Eichner reports on hostility between Iran and Israel and MADONNA!

    * Hey girl, check out what Ryan Gosling has to say about the ACA ruling without drooling.

    * If you like American history, Quantum Leap and jokes about masturbation, you're going to love "Scrotum Leap".

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  • GOP Rep. Joe Pitts Believes Zombie Yassir Arafat Is Middle East's Only Hope

    Imagine it's 2011 and you write a letter to your congressman expressing concern over House Resolution 268, a  measure that reaffirms U.S. commitment "to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." If you're a constituent of Pennsylvania Republican Joe Pitts, who has served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Human Rights Commission, you may have to wait a whole year for a reply.

    But it will be totally worth it, because the response will feature this gem

    With the global war against terrorism, it is now incumbent on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Yasir Arafat to clamp down on Palestinian extremists that have perpetuated violence and to restart a peace process that has collapsed.

    Contrary to popular belief, and also contrary to occasional strikes against Israeli civilians and associated reprisals against Palestinians,  the two sides have been making great strides. It's just the progress has been difficult to discern because the lead negotiators have either been dead since 2004, in the case of Arafat, or in a coma since 2006, in the case of Sharon.

    Pitts staffers blamed the error on an errant form letter rather than a new frontier in the GOP's pro-life agenda, where even the dead Palestinian leaders are granted living personhood…

    "This is particularly embarrassing," said Gabe Neville, Pitts' chief of staff in Washington. He said the contents and postage of the letter amount to a "double mistake": an outdated form letter that was pulled it from the mail pile a year ago, but sometime since then, added back into outgoing mail.

    It would be edifying to get the Middle East perspective on this, but the Times of Israel had some sad news: "Neither Arafat nor Sharon were available for comment."

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