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Jack Kevorkian
  • Tworld News: Week of June 10, 2011

    If it weren't for Twitter, where else would comedians be able to discuss political happenings (in 140-character messages)?

    Vital Gingrich staffers leave campaign in part due to clash with wife. Wives; can't live with'em, can't have mildly funny divorce-centric jokes without'em.

    In Palin's defense, the whole Paul Revere thing is based on a poem anyway, and everybody knows that poetry is a huge part of the gay agenda.

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  • Jack Kevorkian Assisting Joe Knollenberg's Campaign Suicide

    U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) was thought to have a safe path to re-election until the economic meltdown and resurgent candidacy of Democrat Gary Peters put his campaign in peril. But something else has been eating away at Knollenberg's lead, quietly dripping like an I.V. of potassium chloride

    The independent candidacy of Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian…

    Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian could throw a wrench in a Michigan congressional race even though he is a distant third, observers say.

    Kevorkian is running as an independent in Michigan's 9th Congressional District, espouses the Ninth Amendment means government has no right to stop smoking, mandate helmets or seatbelts, ban abortion or homosexual marriages or assisting in a suicide, The Detroit News reported.

    Kevorkian is registering at 4% in recent surveys, which might be enough to tilt the balance in a tight race between Knollenberg and Peters. That's according to the amusingly-named pollster Bernie Porn, who also notes that age will be a factor in this election…

    "I think age is one thing that may have some impact. (Knollenberg) is four years older than John McCain," Porn said. "When you get into the 70s that influences folks. But it would have be dealt with delicately."

    Age isn't just a factor with the voters; it's a factor with Kevorkian. Anyone who's read the news in the past decade knows what "Dr. Death" considers an appropriate fate for people older than John McCain.

    Let's just say it doesn't involve sending them to Congress.

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  • Dr. Death to Advocate Euthanmichigan

    Michigan has been a state in a bad way for the past several decades, hemorrhaging jobs and suffering from severe infrastructure decay.

    If there ever was a state in need of Dr. Kevorkian

    Jack Kevorkian needs just 3,000 signatures to get himself on the ballot for Congress in Michigan this year and "Dr. Death" intends to start collecting. Not sure how people will react when they see the very recognizable Kevorkian approaching, pen and paper in hand. "What does he want me to sign up for? Do I look ill?"

    Kevorkian's felony conviction does not preclude him from sitting in Congress and this is an interesting political wrinkle for Michigan. Should Kevorkian make it to the ballot, chances are he will pull more votes from Democrat Gary Peters than incumbent Republican Joe Knollenberg in the Oakland County district that is expected to see Michigan's closest congressional race this fall.

    Um, murderer? Check. Ex-convict? Check. Fuzzy view of morality? Check. Yeah, obviously he's gonna attract a lot of Democratic votes.

    Thanks to Joshua for the tip.

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