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James Inhofe
  • GOP Seeking New Line of Arlen Specter Clones

    Could it be that the Republican Party is actually beginning to get the message*?

    [E]ven as [Arlen Specter's] jilted former party slams the door behind him, the GOP is quietly pursuing a 2010 strategy that relies heavily on candidates nearly identical to Specter. The party’s road to winning back a Senate majority, it seems, is paved with moderates whose records are sure to make conservatives blanch.

    For the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s recruitment list for 2010 reads like a roster of some of the party’s best-known RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and squishes — the derisive terms applied to centrists by movement conservatives.

    The article goes on to name some of the RINOs that the GOP is supposedly pursuing, including Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Delaware Rep. Michael Castle.

    Wouldn't it be nice if this induced all the GOP's theocrats, neocons and xenophobes to splinter off and form their own irrellevant third-party so that they live out the rest of their lives campaigning to annoyed pedestrians while the rest of the GOP reverts back to something resembling the rational, fiscally-responsible party of Buckley and Goldwater?

    I, personally, still probably wouldn't vote for them. But I also wouldn't fear for my life so much.


    * Well, Sen. Jim Inhofe not included.

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