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James T. Conway
  • Tworld News: Week of October 18, 2010

    Ain't no party like a Twitter Tea Party cause a Twitter Tea Party is limited to 140 characters. Your midterm fix from the twitterverse:

    Sharron Angle and nerdy white boys: both really good at imagining high schools girls are 'a little more Asian' than they actually are.

    Praise be to the Aqua Buddha that Paul and Conway are going through with their final debate. Now we just need to tell everyone in Kentucky what a television is and everything will be perfect!

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  • General James T. Conway Is Mad About Everything

    The numero uno Marine in the whole wide world is so fucking pissed. Should you care? Yes, obviously, unless you are not a Real American! Let's explore the things that make him feel yucky inside.

    First, General James T. Conway is having none of this "July 2011 withdrawal from Afghanistan" business!

    The commandant of the Marine Corps said on Tuesday that President Obama's July 2011 deadline for the start of American troop withdrawals from Afghanistan was "probably giving our enemy sustenance."…

    The commandant, Gen. James T. Conway, also said that "if you follow it closely, and of course we all do, we know the president was talking to several audiences at the same time when he made his comments on July 2011." The general apparently meant that Mr. Obama's deadline was set for a domestic political audience as well as for the Afghans.

    What-oh, you're starting to sound a tad McChrystally, Jimbo. But evs, you probably have a decent point. After all, it's a well-known fact that Afghanistan is still a shitshow, and shitshows take longer to clean up than, say, 10 months.

    So what else is getting General Conway's undershorts in a bundle these days? Ohhhh, the gays. And their desire to not be forced to lie about who they are, for Freedom. God, why are the gays so selfish?

    Based on his information from Marines, he said, "an overwhelming majority would like not to be roomed with a person who is openly homosexual," but "some do not object," so perhaps having those Marines share rooms voluntarily with openly gay service members "might be the best way to start, without violating anybody's sense of moral concern or perception on the part of their mates."

    Asked what he meant by "moral concern," General Conway said that "we have some people that are very religious." He added: "I couldn't begin to give you a percentage, but I think in some instances we will have people that say that homosexuality is wrong, and they simply do not want to room with a person of that persuasion because it would go against their religious beliefs."

    So, he doesn't like the timetable for withdrawal or the potential repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell? OMG! President Obama better watch out, because if General James T. Conway is saying this stuff in public, imagine what he's writing about Bamz in the secret burn book that all the senior military officials pass around at sleepovers?!

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