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  • Rep. Joe Walsh: Women Don't Die from Legitimate Pregnancy

    After last night's Illinois House debate, we can all rest assured that should former deadbeat dad and current congressman Joe Walsh survive his re-election bid against Democrat Tammy Duckworth, there's a seat on the House Science Committee waiting for him. Someone needs to replace Todd Akin as our nation's top elected expert in reproductive health.

    Akin leaves big clown shoes to fill, but Walsh proved himself more than ready when he was asked by reporters about his position on a ban on abortion with no exceptions for the life or health of the mother and responded by suggesting that pregnant women are made of adamantium

    With modern technology and science, you can't find one instance [of women dying from childbirth]…There's no such exception as life of the mother. And as far as health of the mother, same thing, with advances in science and technology, health of the mother has become a tool for abortions anytime under any reason.

    This must come as a surprise to thousands of families. The number of maternal deaths in the United States has been climbing recently, reaching 13.3 per 100,000 live births in 2006.

    Still, it's nice of Walsh to let everyone know that they are about as likely to hear a nuanced understanding of maternal health come out of his mouth as they are to receive a timely child support payment from his checking account.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Pro-Fairness

    * Bill Clinton says taxing rich people is "not an anti-wealth position, it's pro-fairness." I respectfully disagree. It's pro-anti-not-un-opposed to wealth fairness.

    * Sen. John McCain predicts the rise of a powerful third party in U.S. politics because, "We aren't doing anything for the people." Too bad he's not in a position to effect any kind of change himself.

    * Rep. Joe Walsh apologized for his crazy loud screaming jag at a town hall meeting this past weekend, saying he was maybe "a bit too passionate." Though, if you had your window open, you probably heard what he had to say.

    * Herman Cain PAC website: "Herman Cain Accuser Karen Kraushaar works for Obama and she's ugly." Classiest headline, or classiestest headline?

    * Congratulations are in order for Indecision production assistant Sebastian DiNatale, who just pinged his pong all the way to the top place in Comedy Central's Blazing Paddles Ping Pong Tournament.

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  • Rep. Joe Walsh Has Some Very Loud Opinions

    Can anybody figure out what Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) is saying in this video taken over the weekend? I turned up the volume on my laptop as far as it can go, but I'm still having a tough time deciphering the thin whisper that is his speaking voice. I think it's something about blaming the government for what banks do, needing more coffee and shutting up for minute or you're going to have to leave…

    How did a shrinking violet like that ever get elected to public office in the first place?

    (via Gawker)

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