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Jonathan Krohn
  • Former Teen Pundit Jonathan Krohn Bullied by Conservatives

    The fate of child stars is rarely pretty. Many of them turn to drugs, or worse, independent cinema. But there's one child star who turned to something much more insidious: liberalism.

    Four years ago, 13-year-old Jonathan Krohn was a conservative wunderkind pundit. He spoke at CPAC and appeared on talk shows. He was vilified and worshiped in equal measures. And now he's 17 and not much has changed except his political beliefs.

    A week after Politico outed him as a center-leftist, he's been attacked by the right (and if his Twitter feed is any indication, some praise from the left as well). Yesterday, Salon published a piece from Krohn about how the right treats its prodigal children…

    Since then, I have been treated by the political right with all the maturity of schoolyard bullies. The Daily Caller, for instance, wrote three articles about my shift, topping it off with an opinion piece in which they stated that I deserved criticism because I wear “thick-rimmed glasses” and I like Ludwig Wittgenstein. Why don’t they just call me “four-eyes”? These are not adults leveling serious criticism; these are scorned right-wingers showing all the maturity of a little boy. No wonder I fit in so well when I was 13…

    Once you join a side, you have to obey the house rules, go to all the parties, and defend your status as a member of the greatest club on campus. And this is what drove me away from conservatism to my admittedly center-left position of independent mindedness (if that’s a thing).

    I'm glad Krohn deviated from the path of conservative punditry. He was a 13. The only thing 13-year-olds are experts on is which kinds of shorts hide boners the best. But I also don't think he should be a 17-year-old liberal pundit. As a 17-year-old, he should be going to parties and getting himself not-laid.

    [NOTE: I used a picture of child star Jonathan Lipnicki in this post because it's close enough.]

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