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  • No, Michelle Obama Did Not Make Snappy Remark About Her "Big Black Ass"

    Michelle ObamaThe worlds of fashion and politics could not be farther apart. One is filled with superficial status-obsessed millionaires and the other is… Umm… Never mind.

    But despite their differences, the two worlds do occasionally come together. Like yesterday, when Strangelovian fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld opined about the state of American politics and the appearance of the First Lady

    "I'm a big fan of Mrs. Obama — and her face, I think, is magical… My favorite line of Mrs. Obama is when a journalist asked her if she thought her skirts were not too tight and she answered, 'Why you don't like my big black ass?' This is a line I admire. She got me with that. So I want Mr. Obama who I think is very okay — because there is nothing better anyway — [to be re-elected], especially because of her."

    UPDATE: Kristina Schake, Director of Communications to First Lady Michelle Obama released a statement regarding Lagerfeld's comment saying, "Mrs. Obama never made that statement."

    So, it turns out that Michelle Obama did not, in fact, bitch-slap a mean fashion reporter with a sassy retort about her rear. Although, looking at those biceps, she's definitely got the guns for it.

    The willingness of people to believe that the wife of the President of the United States would publicly refer to her "big black ass" is perhaps just a sad commentary on the state of the American media landscape, where pundits routinely exchange barbed sound bites and desperate politicians say anything to get some press. But fortunately, with this clarification from Ms. Obama's Director of Communications, we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that the only big ass being talked about in Washington is Newt Gingrich.

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