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  • Happy Rand Paul Is Actually a Senator Day, America!

    Uh oh! Did you feel that? It felt a little bit like 40 years of civil rights legislation being rolled back and a bunch of corporations being given autonomous control over humankind. Wait, was it… I think it was…

    It was! It was! Rand Paul is going to be a United States Senator!

    Paul's victory over Democrat Jack Conway is seen as an early indication of Republicans return to prominence in Congress and a sign of the Tea Party movement's growing political influence.

    "There is a Tea-Party tidal wave coming to Washington," Paul told reporters after casting his ballot this morning.

    Yay! Oh and it looks like Dan Coats won in Indiana and Dan Coats and Rob Portman won in Ohio. The wave of teabaggery is descending upon the nation like a conservative Bacchanalia!

    Open you your mouth America! Can you taste it?

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  • It's Called Symbolism, Luddites!

    L.A.-based filmmaker and blogger Peter Atencio really analyzes the underlying themes to be found in HeadStomperGate better than anyone else could ever hope to…

    A guy named PROFITT working for a libertarian candidate named RAND stomped on a protester’s head? We live in a world created by a terrible and obvious writer.

    Here's hoping it gets cancelled soon, due to bad reviews.

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  • Rand Paul Supporter Was Provoked Into Stomping Protester's Head, Wants Apology

    Tim Profitt — who apparently is not a character in a Louis L'Amour novel but is the recently-fired Bourbon County coordinator for Rand Paul's senatorial campaign (close enough) who's being brought up on assault charges after stomping a liberal protester in the head — has decided to break his long several-hour silence and give his heart-breaking side of the tragic head-stomping story

    "I don't think it's that big of a deal," Profitt said. "I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you."

    Of course you would. You've totally got an apology coming. I'm thinking something like this would be nice: "I am so, so, sooooo sorry that I got my head under your foot just when you were about to smash it down forcefully onto the hard concrete of the sidewalk. It was quite rude of me, and I am ever so embarrassed for my actions. I do so hope that the strain of cracking my skull beneath your heel did not contribute to your debilitating back pain."

    "She's a professional at what she does," Profitt added, "and I think when all the facts come out, I think people will see that she was the one that initiated the whole thing."

    I realize that Lauren Valle is a professional protester for MoveOn. Now, I've never met a professional protester, I don't think. But I've met plenty of hobbyist protesters, and I'll admit that they can inspire some violent mental imagery. But, dude, you've gotta keep those images inside your brain.

    The thing is, if a person can trick you into getting her head stomped on the pavement by you, you need some help. Because you're going to go through life as a recurrent victim. People are going to be constantly taking advantage of your emotional feebleness and bamboozling you into stomping on their heads. Is that what you want? A life full of unintentional head stomping?

    I don't think that's what you want, Tim Proffitt. Seek help, please. Consider this an stompervention.

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  • Rand Paul Supporters Stomp the Head of Anti-Paul Protester

    The great the about this country is that, although we have have very strong differences of opinion about politics, we're able to look at one another and see fellow Americans. We know that, even in the midst of a unpleasantly divisive election cycle, at the end of the day — regardless of where we stand on health care or abortion or whether or not the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was unconstitutional — we need to come together as a mob to grab a person with whom we disagree, throw her to the ground and "stomp her head"

    Politics… you can't live with it, you can't get away from the person who's trying to crush your skull under his heel because his friends are holding you down.

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  • Joke Candidate Becomes Jokier

    The GOP really seems to have hit upon something with their new Don't ever let anybody hear you say anything ever! strategy for their new crop of senatorial candidates, haven't they. I mean, come, come on. Pretty brilliant. And very serious politicalishness! Very!

    Okay, credit where credit is due: John McCain's campaign innovated this strategy after realizing that only bad polling mojo came out of their VP nominee's mouth. But the strategy has really come into its own with Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and now Christine O'Donnell, who was Sean Hannity's head's show last night to bid a fond adieu to the national media until after she's elected or Raptured (whichever comes first)…

    In the interview, O'Donnell swore off more national media interviews, saying it was completely "off the table because that's not going to help me get votes." "I’m not going to do any more national media," O’Donnell said, giving the dubious explanation that local reporters "can’t get to me" because national media representatives are clogging her phone lines…

    O’Donnell is merely following the path paved by Former Alaksa Gov. Sarah Palin, who advised O’Donnell to "speak through Fox News" and to avoid other national media, because they are merely "seeking ur destruction." O'Donnell thanked Palin for that "great piece of advice," saying, "that's exactly what we're doing." Indeed, she abruptly canceled two Sunday show appearances last weekend, and has requested restrictions on media organizations covering her debates, saying, "we’re asking them to not allow media to attend or at least to keep them in the back."

    Ooooooooo! Very good candidate person! Where can I sign up to vote for her? Can I vote 12 times? No? Probably because of the liberals, right? Well, can I vote with my gun. No, wait. Can I vote with my gun after I set it on fire? If Barack Obama can build a mosque inside the Oval Office, then I'd better be able to vote with a flaming gun, liberals! I am very serious about politics, as you can see! That's why I am voting for the candidate who is not afraid to run away from people holding microphones! America!

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