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  • Michele Bachmann Is Pro-Choice Now [VIDEO]

    You'd think that after months of national campaigning, Michele Bachmann would have gotten all those asinine comments out of her system. But, as this Meet the Press clip demonstrates, Bachmann has never never met an issue she couldn't embarrass herself talking about

    So just to clarify, Michele Bachmann, a staunch pro-lifer, actually said…

    Women don't need anyone to tell them what to do on health care. We want women to have their own choices, their own money. That way they can make their own choices for their future on their own bodies.

    You see, Bachmann wants women to have control over their own bodies. She's pro-choice. As long as women choose not to have any choice about whether they can afford birth control or get an abortion. On a related note, congratulations to Michele Bachmann on winning the Pulitzer Prize for Irony.

    As the video shows, Bachmann also accused President Obama of being a "health care dictator." It seems ridiculous to compare Obama to some foreign dictator. Bachmann actually knows his name.


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  • Sen. Candidate Takes Responsibility for "Steak & BJ Day," Spiders

    Earlier this week, we reported on Marc Cenedella — potential challenger to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — and the fracas in which he he suddenly found himself when some possibly sexists/definitely ridiculous blog posts were found on a personal blog of his.

    Now, initially, he — or at least the company he runs — blamed the offending posts on spiders. To be fair, they don't mean arachnids who hang out in the Starbucks down the street so everybody can see them typing on their Macbooks. No, though the actual excuse is only slightly more believable. They mean automated indexers that crawl the web and pull in content about steak & blow job holidays and the like.

    At any rate, we have an update: Mr. Cenedella is still saying he didn't write the posts, but he is taking "full responsibility" for the digital spiders which he has befriended

    Marc, a Republican businessman laying the groundwork for a possible run for a United States Senate seat in New York, said on Tuesday that he took "full responsibility" for blog posts about sex, women and drugs that have drawn criticism.

    In an interview posted online by Capital Tonight, a statewide political program that runs on the YNN network, Mr. Cenedella said that the entries were by various authors who wrote for a site that he published previously called Stone.

    "I can’t tell you which author wrote which one," Mr. Cenedella said in the interview. "I'm the publisher; I take responsibility for the whole thing."

    This is a smart move on Cenedella's part. This is New York, a state that saw consecutive sex scandal-ridden governors and sent a penis-tweeter to the House of Representatives. I don't think they're gonna blanch to strongly at few "Sexy vs. Skanky" and "High Quality Dope" blog posts.

    And it's never advisable to throw a bunch of internet spiders under the bus. One could crawl out of your smart phone and lay eggs in your brain. Don't think I haven't seen David Cronenberg movies!

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  • Senate Candidate's "Steak and BJ Day" Plot Foiled by Spiders

    Marc CenedellaNew York is a pretty solidly blue state, but Republican insiders think Marc Cenedella –entrepreneur and found of job-search site — could be the right GOP candidate to beat Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

    So far, Cenedella appears to be doing all the right things to position himself as a formidable opponent. He's traveling around the state to build voter support, soliciting donations and, of course, openly blogging about sex and drugs

    Until recently, a Web site,, bore Mr. Cenedella's photograph and the title "The personal blog of Marc Cenedella." It provided tips on polishing résumés, preparing for job interviews and the like. But it also had a number of entries containing random observations about sex, women and drugs.

    The entries had headlines like "Sexy vs. Skanky," "Dating Advice for Girly Girls," "He Stole My Weed" and "High Quality Dope."

    In an entry titled "A New Holiday for Men," there was a link to a separate site that designates March 14 as a special occasion on which women are encouraged to offer steak and oral sex "to show your man how much you care for him."

    Did Cenedella take responsibility for the offensive content? Nope. He did what any responsible would-be senator would do: He blamed spiders

    "The site you are inquiring about ( was not Marc's actual blog, The site you saw was a maintenance staging site set up at" The statement also said that the "staging site contained testing content from a wide variety of sources, including spam from automatic spiders."

    Sure, Marc, blame the "spiders" for your blog posts about skanks, polygamy, celebrity jock straps and oral sex-themed holidays. Why not just be open about your creepy perspective of women? It seems to be working out well for Newt Gingrich.

    Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Mitch McConnell Is So Over Bipartisan SOTU Seating

    Seriously, girls, Mitch McConnell could not care less about this stupid effing call for Democrats and Republicans to sit together at the State of the Union address. And he wants you to know why

    "I mean the seating arrangement at the SOTU in the end is going to mean absolutely nothing," McConnell told a gathering of journalists and DC observer-types gathered by Politico this morning. "The question is can we come together on substantive issues."

    Then, just like any other bitchy high school girl, he made with the sarcasm…

    "I think from the president's point of view it ends up being distracting because cameras may be for example on teams that are sitting around in the audience. 'Who's sitting with who? My goodness there's Sen. Gillibrand [D-NY] sitting with Senator Thune [R-SD]!'"

    Well, maybe it doesn't mean anything to Mitch McConnell, but it means something to some of us! Some of us having been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the SOTU seating arrangements since forever ago. Some of us have a lot riding on who sits with whom. Some of us are going to have to pay a very big, very mean loan shark tons and tons of our hard-earned ducats if Krissy Gillibrand doesn't sit with Johnny Thune, and we're having a really hard time laughing about this whole thing, okay, Mitch?!?!?!

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  • Kirsten Gillibrand Credits Daily Show for Helping Pass 9/11 First Responders Bill

    You knew it, and I knew it, but it was nice to hear a sitting US Senator say aloud last night that The Daily Show's efforts made a real difference in the passage of the 9/11 first responders health care bill. It just goes to show that, despite what everyone thinks, Congress really is capable of accomplishing something, just as long as they're repeatedly publicly shamed into doing it, and it's the most no-brainer bill since the Let's Not Stab Babies Act of 1997. Democracy!

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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