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  • Arizona Creates Special Voting Day for Spanish-Speaking Citizens

    Arizona catches a lot of flak for — let's be honest — its asshattery when it comes to how it treats the Hispanic community. For a state that was technically born in Mexico, Arizona spends a lot of time obsessing over the president's birth certificate and the legal papers of anyone with a darkened skin tone.

    Fortunately, for lovers of civil liberties and cultural tolerance, all that is in the past. In fact, Maricopa County, AZ has opened new frontiers in the accommodation of Spanish-speaking voters, by creating a special Election Day just for them…

    The document, which was attached to updated voter registration cards that were requested in person, lists the general election date as Nov. 8 in Spanish. An English translation on the document lists the correct date, Nov. 6.

    Between this and the news that Spanish-speaking voters in Florida are receiving phone calls from anonymous persons informing them that they can vote over the phone, it's clear we've turned a page in our voter suppression wars.

    And opened a whole new chapter.

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  • Who Is More Latino: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both making a play for the roughly 12 million Latino voters expected to cast ballots this year, but does either candidate have the huevos to make a full pander to America's fastest growing demographic? Let's find out…

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  • Ann Romney Not 100% Sure What Bias Means

    Ann Romney spoke to female voters during her convention speech Tuesday night, and there's little doubt that it was a success. (Especially among women who don't need emergency access to contraception, say.)

    Could she continue her winning streak with Latino voters? At a Latino Coaltion luncheon yesterday, she gave it the old college try, delivering her husband's message of economic growth…

    "It really is a message that would resonate well if they [Latinos] could just get past some of their biases that have been there from the Democratic machines that have made us look like we don't care about this community," Romney said.

    Ann, you're so right. It was downright fiendish of the Democrats to force your husband to oppose the DREAM Act, which would allow young undocumented immigrants to remain in the country.

    And the Democrats had no business ordering your husband to waffle on Marco Rubio's plan, which would decriminalize the status of young aliens who enter college or the military.

    And when the dastardly Obama refused to deport young immigrants, it was just a trick to make your husband oppose that decision.

    Seriously, Latino voters, I'm with Ann. It's time to wake up.

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  • Meet Mayor Julian Castro, DNC Keynote Speaker and Future President

    Mayor Julián Castro will be the keynote speaker on opening night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, getting the futbol rolling on Democratic efforts to dominate the Hispanic vote in November.

    Marking a first for Hispanic-Americans, the mayor of San Antonio will speak on September 4th, following first lady Michelle Obama, according to an announcement from the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Convention Committee.

    As keynote speaker, the little known Castro will step into the same role that propelled Barack Obama into national prominence when he delivered the keynote address in 2004. Since we may be looking at a 2016 presidential nominee, what else do we know about this young man?

    * At 37, he's the youngest mayor of a major American city. Home to the Alamo, San Antonio is most famous for being the site of the most hopeless battle in Texas history (until the Perry campaign came along), but also happens to be the 7th most populous city in America.

    * He's a graduate of Stanford, and like Obama, Harvard Law School. So probably has a video of him giving a terrorist hug to a liberal professor.

    * He was the first San Antonio mayor to be grand marshal of the city's annual gay rights parade, which is a thing that's allowed to happen in parts of Texas, apparently.

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  • Republican Colorblindness Stymied by People Who Insist Latinos Aren't Asians

    Pity the Republicans. They are so prejudice-free, so colorblind, that they don't see race. Pollsters routinely tell them that their party is monolithically white, but they have no way to confirm this, beyond acknowledging that their affinity for mayonnaise and dressage horses makes it likely that this is so.

    The Republican commitment to colorblindness and anti-racism extends into the realm of Hispanic outreach. When a Republican looks at a Mexican-American, they do not see "race." They see a gardener. And a potential Republican.

    But leave it to race-obsessed liberals to ruin the fun

    In an effort to court Latino voters, the RNC's Spanish-language outreach website installed a prominent photo of adorable Latino children as its main image. Or at least that's what the RNC thought the photo depicted. It turns out the kids aren't Latino at all.

    In an embarrassing mix-up, US News and World Report discovered that used a stock photo apparently depicting Asian children on the site. The image they chose is tagged by its creators with such terms as "asian," "thailand," "japanese" and "interracial," as are dozens of related photos by the same source featuring Asian preschoolers playing in parks.

    The RNC has since blamed an outside contractor for the mix-up, which shows just how hard it is for Republicans to win. Hire a competent contractor you're forced to get rid of him because "I'm running for office, For Pete's sake, I can't have illegals." Hire a documented contractor, and it turns out "basic website design" is another job Americans can't do competently.

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