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  • Laura Bush Asks to be Taken Out of Pro-Gay Marriage Ad [VIDEO]

    The Respect for Marriage Coalition recently released a TV ad featuring Laura Bush, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney speaking in favor of gay marriage.

    Yes, that Laura Bush, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney:

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  • Bush Endorses Bush for GOP Nomination

    Ah, the Bush years. A deteriorating economy, two deadly wars, every child left behind, no international credibility, lots of wiretapping, and an unbounded sense that nothing was possible. Wouldn’t it be great to return to that?

    Laura Bush and George W. think so

    Former first lady Laura Bush wishes there were one more candidate in the Republican presidential primary: Jeb Bush.

    Speaking to a sold-out Sarasota audience on Wednesday, Bush said she had hoped that her brother-in-law and former Florida governor would have jumped into the race this year.

    Husband George W. Bush "and I wish he would," Laura Bush said when asked if Jeb Bush will run for president someday. "We wanted him to this time."

    What does one look for in a potential president? Education, leadership experience, vision? Nope. Apparently, the most important credential for a prospective leader of the free world is just a big old Bush at the end of your name.

    Of course George would endorse Jeb. W staked his entire presidency on non-existent weapons of mass destruction, so it only makes sense that he would endorse a non-existent candidate.

    I'm just surprised it's not this guy.

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  • OMG: Barack Obama Does a Thing Associated with the Word 'Muslim'

    barack-obama-dinnerOr should I say OMAllah? Because look at this:

    President Barack Obama will host a dinner at the White House this evening celebrating Ramadan, the final month of the Muslim lunar calendar in which observants fast from dawn until sunset each day.

    Obama, who is Christian, has attempted to recognize the contributions of all religions with personal gestures such as the dinners – he also traveled to Cairo in June to address the Muslim world with an appeal for understanding.

    See that? Right there in black and boldface! It's all Muslim all the time with this guy, who is known to be probably a Muslim. I find this noteworthy. Anyone else find this noteworthy?

    [The event is a] noteworthy update to President Obama's light schedule this week, considering the rumors about his religion that lingered throughout the 2008 campaign.

    Muslim rumors, you mean — noted! Noted also, if you dig through the internet for information about this Muslim holiday and the White House, you find some equally noteworthy presidential comments, like this:

    Ramadan commemorates the revelation of the Qur'an to Muhammed. By teaching the importance of compassion, justice, mercy, and peace, the Qur'an has guided many millions of believers across the centuries.

    Americans who practice the Islamic faith enrich our society and help our Nation build a better future.

    Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

    Verrrrry suspicious, indeed. "Laura" must be Michelle Obama's secret Muslim name.

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  • The Daily Show's Top 5 White House Correspondents' Dinner Moments

    We obviously have no idea what Jon Stewart's take on this weekend's jocularity in D.C. will be. But we can probably guess — based upon these clips from previous shows — that it'll be humorless and dour…

    Press Who's Coming to Dinner

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  • Former President George W. Bush Has Left the City

    Private citizens George and Laura Bush just — after waving goodbye — got into the Executive One helicopter and took off for Crawford, Texas where he has many, many fields of brush to destroy.

    They lifted off safely to loud applause — at least here in the Indecision offices — and slowly disappeared into history. Which, is a good thing.

    I can't help but admit a fleeting hope that we'd witness some sort of Donnie Darko ending in which an engine would fall off the aircraft into a wormhole, only to land on the Governor of Texas nine years ago while he was sleeping in his bed on the eve of announcing he would be running for president.


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