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Lee Atwater
  • Fred Karger Will Be First Openly Gay Presidential Candidate

    There's still no certain frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. So many candidates, so many terrible choices for America. It's impossible to speculate on who will win. It's not, however, impossible to speculate on who will not win. Case in point: Fred Karger…

    Karger is an old school ratfucker who honed his skills as a political strategist skills alongside Karl Rove under Lee Atwater. He worked for his "hero" Ronald Reagan (helping to craft the infamous Willie Horton ads that destroyed Michael Dukakis) as well both George Bushes, greater and lesser.

    So, what's the problem. He sounds absolutely perfect, right? Well, there's just the tiniest little thing holding him back. He's a gay homosexual gay person

    [Karger's platform] includes a constitutional amendment to lower the voting age, a proposal to make school "more interesting," and support for abortion rights and gay marriage…

    "I am doing this for the younger people," Karger says, especially gay kids. Like Hillary Clinton or Jesse Jackson, he says he wants to blaze a new, important trail. If he can get in the Republican presidential debates — a big if — "I will take the gloves off if necessary," and challenge his fellow candidates on their gay rights positions, he says. "That is what motivates me to make my voice heard. No more Mr. Nice Gay."

    Kind of a shame the guy spent decades helping to institute a culture of fear and hatred in what would be his voter base. Sounds like he would have been am interesting guy to see up on the dais with the rest of the candidates.

    Oh well, maybe next lifetime.

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  • And the Academy Award Goes to . . . Shia LaBeouf as Karl Rove

    Better get used to that sentence! Because it will maybe but probably not be used by somebody eventually

    [Shia] LaBeouf hasn't starred in a comedy since leaving "Even Stevens" on the Disney Channel… That may change though as LaBeouf is eyeballing College Republicans, a comedy about the early days of political strategists Karl Rove and Lee Atwater.

    The project is currently floating around Hollywood and has attracted a bunch of interest from young actors. The most prominent is LaBeouf who is said to be very interested in starring as Rove in the film.

    Karl Rove adapted as a character in a comedy? That's kind of an interesting idea, but it's been done before.

    Twice, actually.*


    * Oh my god! I totally went there. I know! I can be such a bitch sometimes.

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