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Lex Luthor
  • Lex Luthor Asks the President for a Bailout

    From The CC Insider

    Before all the comic nerds get mad at me for saying Jon Hamm is a better Lex Luthor than Gene Hackman, I just wanna say, "Whoah, nerds. Take a deep breath from your inhaler and CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Gene HACKman wasn't a good actor in any movie ever, okay? (Alright, now I'm just saying things I don't believe in order to get the film geeks mad at me too. Geeks getting mad is really funny!)

    Anyway, check out this video, which I believe is the greatest comic book adaptation in the history of earth and also The Dark Knight was bad and your mom was right for throwing out all your old comics.

    On a related note, I'm assuming there probably won't be any Kevin Spacey nerds. There are probably like only two Kevin Spacey nerds in the universe and one of them is Kevin Spacey. The other one is Kevin Spacey's receding hairline, which is so prominent it counts as another person.

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  • Is Dick Cheney the Lex Luthor?

    A little while ago, we linked to a story in which conservative pundit Glenn Beck attempted to justify the egregious atrocities inflicted on the Constitution by George W. Bush by way of comparing his actions to those of a comic book character in the wildly popular and awesomely awesome movie The Dark Knight. (And, no, not The Joker.)

    Well, Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy — who happens to be a huge Batman fan and actually has a bit role in The Dark Knight as a guy who supposedly looks like The Joker's father — has responded to Glenn Beck's very-well-thought-out argument

    Sorry Glenn but that's not just a stretch, it's a hoot. But I do grant the parallels between Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor and the Vice President.

    Hear that? It's a "hoot." Vermont representatives don't get much more scathing than that.

    I'm not sure about that Lex Luthor comparison, though. I think I would'a gone with Darkseid.

    And, for Bush, I've have gone with Gleek.

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