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  • "Tiny Pundits" Pretty Much Indistinguishable from Regular-Sized Pundits

    Believe it or not, the pundits yelling pre-written spin back and forth at each other in this video — from the iPad-based humor magazine Punch! – are not actual professional political strategists. They're little kids doing flawless impersonations of professional political strategists. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few satire videos in my time…

    You know, that one little girl on the right might just be the answer to the GOP's recent Jonathan Krohn problem.

    (via Burns & Haberman)

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  • Most Americans Will Be Unhappy with SCOTUS Health Care Decision

    Nobody knows what decision the Supreme Court is going to deliver in the historic case of Obamacare Socialism vs. $500 Bottle of Pills. Hell, we don't even know when we're going to get a decision.

    The only thing that we can say with any amount of certainty is that whatever the decision turns out to be, people will hate it

    The public is unlikely to be satisfied with the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on the 2010 Affordable Care Act — no matter what the Court decides. Whether the Court decides to uphold the entire law, overturn the entire law, or reject the "individual mandate" while allowing the rest of the law to remain in place, fewer than half of Americans say they would be happy with the decision

    But the other widely discussed possibility — that the court could reject the part of the law that requires individuals to have health insurance while keeping the rest – does not satisfy either side. Among Democrats, 35% would be happy with this outcome, while 56% would be unhappy. Republicans, who have consistently opposed the individual mandate, are not much happier: 43% would be happy if the court strips only this provision, while 47% would be unhappy.

    Okay, so: Keeping all of it is no good, keeping none of it is no good, and keeping some of it is no good. The only possible solution at this point is to keep merrhhm of it.

    On the off chance that someone in the media asks for the definition of the word "merrhhm," Chief Justice John Roberts' fallback plan could be to throw down a smoke bomb and climb up a tree, a technique popularized by Warren E. Burger.

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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  • Poll Finds in Favor of Supreme Court Being Politically Partisan

    Supreme Court

    The Justices of Supreme Court of the United States: stalwart guardians of the Constitution or a bunch of old people whose political opinions are a billion times more important than yours?

    Just 44 percent of Americans approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing and three-quarters say the justices' decisions are sometimes influenced by their personal or political views, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News.

    Those findings are a fresh indication that the court's standing with the public has slipped significantly in the past quarter-century, according to surveys conducted by several polling organizations. Approval was as high as 66 percent in the late 1980s, and by 2000 approached 50 percent.

    In other news, the Supreme Court has — in an historic 8-1 decision — found opinion polls about the Supreme Court to be meaningless on the grounds of Shut up, you can't fire us!

    Justice Anthony Kennedy delivered the sole dissenting opinion.

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  • Blame Liberals for All the Babies Named Emma

    President Obama with a babySince the Office of the Chief Actuary is one data-gathering agency the House of Representatives has not yet managed to eliminate, the Social Security Administration was able to report, earlier this week, on the most popular baby names in 2010. A closer analysis reveals a divide between red states and blue states: when it comes to baby names, liberals are more conservative

    More progressive communities… tend to favor more old-fashioned names. Parents in more conservative areas come up with names that are more creative or androgynous.

    "Sometimes people have a naive expectation that people who are politically conservative on social issues would name their kids in traditional ways, and it doesn’t always happen that way," says Andrew Gelman, a professor of statistics and political science at Columbia University and author of "Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State."

    The reason for more outlandish-sounding names cropping up in conservative quarters is simple, Wattenberg says. Women in red states tend to have their first children earlier than women in blue states. A 23-year-old mom is more likely to come up with something out of the ordinary than one who is 33.

    Damn you, social science, for providing a reasonable explanation for why Levi Johnston came up with a name like Breeze Beretta for his second-born. I always thought "Beretta" was meant to honor the premature discharges that produce so many unplanned pregnancies in communities where Rick Santorum's sweater vest is the only acceptable method of contraception. Turns out it's just youthful exuberance.

    For now, these correlations are all just fun and games, but as these children age, the progressive penchant for hyphenated surnames is going to combine with the conservative habit for outlandish first names to drive us all insane. Will we ever be ready for a 2052 presidential contest between Scottlynn Nevaeh Jones of Oklahoma versus Emma Abigail Huntington-Steinberg-Collins-Dorkhman of Vermont?

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  • Tweet Untweet: Better Put a Ring on It

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