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  • Third-Party Debate Bingo

    What, you thought last night was the end of presidential debate season? Not so fast. Tonight at 9pm Eastern four third-party presidential candidates–the Green Party's Jill Stein, the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson, the Constitution Party's Virgil Goode and the Justice Party's Rocky Anderson–will face off, with Larry King moderating.

    Point your browsers to to watch the debate online, grab your favorite runner-up snacks, play along with our debate bingo and be sure to follow us @indecision, where we'll be livetweeting the whole thing.



    Exclusive: Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala on Romney, Biden and Being Un-PAC'd
    Undercision 2012: Gary Johnson [VIDEO]

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  • GOP Suddenly Not Laughing About Gary Johnson

    By all accounts — or at least all the accounts that are actually worth listening to — this election looks like it might be heading for a photo finish. Hopefully, it'll be a Polaroid photo and not something we'll have to send that photo off to Congress of the Supreme Court for developing.

    With that in mind, there is very little room for mistakes from here on out. From either candidate. Romney got to make all his his mistakes over the course of the last 15 months, and Obama hurried up and crammed them all into one abysmal debate. So, that's it. No more. One candidate stubs his toe on camera, and it's all over.

    That why, all of a sudden, that Gary Johnson guy whom Republicans were having so much fun ignoring — the former-Republican who's currently running for president at the top of the Libertarian ticket — is suddenly not quite as funny as he once was

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  • Gary Johnson Goes from Talking Head to Walking Dead

    Lest you forget, this election is still a three-legged race: Democrat President Obama, Republican Mitt Romney and Libertarian Gary Johnson. The third leg may not be as big as the other two, but every once and a while it rises up and demands everyone's attention

    Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson filed an anti-trust lawsuit in federal court Friday to try to force his way into next month's presidential debates.

    Johnson, who first sought the GOP primary nomination before launching a third-party bid, is suing the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates and both the Democratic and Republican parties, calling the CPD a "conspiracy."

    Johnson isn't asking the voting public to marry him, he's just saying if a candidate spends a lot of time and money getting to 270 electoral votes, that candidate should be invited inside for a night cap debate. He only wants the opportunity to get to second base with us, but the CPD is a real ice queen. According to Johnson's complaint, the group meets every four years to "hoodwink" the American people out of a real debate. What a talk tease.

    If aggressively litigious tactics don't win you over, maybe you're one of those voters who's attracted to a good sense of humor. Thankfully, that's another thing Johnson likes to throw around…

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  • Our Endorsements: Grindr at the RNC

    * NSFW Republican National Convention promo, as sponsored by Grindr.

    * John Hodgman is a liberal who likes to win.

    * My political party is staunchly anti-anchovy.

    * Being a Libertarian looks a lot like being constipated.

    * The story of how Spider-Man saved Planned Parenthood.

    * Mitt Romney's beliefs, condensed. Brought to us by Hugh Atkin.

    * The Onion's American Voices react to the concept of "Legitimate Rape."

    * Prop 43 will redistribute the contents of your stomach, from Funny or Die.

    * Seth Meyers will not play Paul Ryan, but now the speculation begins as to who will.

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  • 5 Reasons Ron Paul Revolution Will Live On

    Unlike his son, Ron Paul isn't currently scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention and to state the obvious: Dude ain't going to be president. But rest assured, the awkward pause you hear when mentioning Ron Paul's name to people who don't live on Internet forums isn't silence, it's the sound of the invisible hand applauding because, for better or worse, we'll be dealing with Paul's legacy for some time to come…

    1. Hating the Federal Reserve is now totally mainstream. Not too long ago, the Fed was considered a successful technocratic institution beyond the reach of politics, or as Paul called it, "an enormously destructive and unaccountable force in both the U.S. economy and the greater global economy." Paul's view seems to be winning, with 327 Members of the House voting for an audit bill.

    2. The Paululons have taken over some state Republican parties. From Nevada to Alaska, Paul's supporters have taken control of key party posts, allowing them to set the rules for future intra-party contests and providing a payoff for all those years of being Dungeon Masters.

    3. Many Americans like Paul's foreign policy. During the debates, every GOP candidate wore an American lapel flag pin, while Paul preferred to keep all his precious metals out of sight. This made him easy to caricature as unpatriotic, but in fact, his views align more closely to most Americans than do Romney's or Obama's – 78 percent of Americans support full withdrawal from Iraq and 57 percent think the U.S. should not be involved in Afghanistan.

    4. We are all basement libertarians now. According to a report from the Census Bureau,  the number of adult children who resided in their parents' households increased by 1.2 million between 2007 and 2010. Some call this a social disaster, others call it building the libertarian base.

    5. Skepticism of government remains high. According to Gallup, 57 percent of Americans have little or no confidence in the federal government to solve domestic problems, which is totally the first step in the libertarian plan of not solving any domestic problems.

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