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  • From the Pork Barrel: El Gee Bee Tee

    * After three years, Barack Obama suddenly remembers that gay people exist.

    * Louis C.K. has agreed to perform at the the 68th Annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents Dinner in June. Just goes to show you: Give a guy a little bit of success and he starts fraternizing with a bunch of lowlifes.

    * Kind of nice of Fox News to let all those candidates talk at their debates, huh?

    * In debate with John Boehner and congressional Republicans, Harry Reid is holding out for a really dramatic moment to fold.

    * Can anybody tell me exactly why Mitt Romney is collecting money from that guy who broke Batman's back? (One would think he wouldn't be so blatant with his ties to supervillains.)

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  • Donald Rumsfeld Does Not Deny Being a Lizard from Outerspace

    Louis C.K. — while a guest on The Opie and Anthony Show — was given a rare chance to show his true patriotism when former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called it to promote his new book, I, Rumsfeld (or something).

    What is "true patriotism," you ask? I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I'm relatively certain it involves having the balls to ask Donald Rumsfeld "if he and Dick Cheney are lizards from outerspace who eat human flesh, for example: Mexican babies" about three dozen times in the span of 15 minutes…

    Excellent interview. We need more people asking the tough questions about lizard people and Mexican babies like that. Unfortunately, you're not likely to see that on MSNBC or CNN anytime soon. (Well, maybe CNN, if this video ends up getting enough hits.)

    Sadly — though his efforts were noble — Louis C.K.'s questions remain woefully unanswered…

    "Mister Rumsfeld was courteous, but he gave me no reason to doubt that he is a lizard."

    I guess it's still a coin toss, huh?

    (via Atencioblog)

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  • Did Louis CK Make Sarah Palin Go to Haiti?

    From The CC Insider

    I'm not a sports nerd, so I don't really have a strong opinion on the designated hitter rule and I mostly spend Super Bowl Sunday flipping between funny commercials and Puppy Bowl. And I'm not really a sci-fi nerd, so I don't have a favorite Enterprise captain, I've only seen the first LOTR movie and I think mentioning LOTR is relevant to this discussion even though it's fantasy, not sci-fi.

    But, for better or worse, I am a comedy nerd, which means I love Bill Murray more than I love my children, I've seen Heat Vision & Jack, and my friends and I have had lengthy and heated discussions about the consistency of the Mom character on Louie. Louis CK himself addressed the issue in the comments of an AV Club review of the show's "God" episode, and he gets into it a little more in a new interview at Hit Fix. Oh, and he also takes credit for Sarah Palin's trip to Haiti!

    By the way, I said something that I think is true, I wrote one Twitter that I said, please find me a picture of Sarah Palin with more than one black person because I couldn’t find one. And then she went to Haiti a week later. She threw together a trip to Haiti. So I believe I made that happen. So that’s positive.

    You can and should read the whole interview over a HitFix.

    (via Pop Culture Brain)

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  • Louis C.K. Blogs from Baghdad

    From The CC Insider

    The amazing Louis C.K. went to the Persian Gulf in December for a USO tour, and has been blogging about the trip this week on his official website. He started out in Kuwait before moving onto the more hostile territory of Baghdad. I'm going to excerpt his account of his first show here, but I really insist you read all of the entries in full. It's all incredibly funny, scary and beautiful stuff that should not be missed.

    I hit the stage, not knowing what I would say first till the second i put the mike to my face. I looked at them all and said "how are you fuckers doing?" The place went bezerk and it became instantly plain to me what they needed and wanted and what I needed to do.

    "You people are in a very fucked up place. I mean, it's Kuwait, the dessert and right over there is a starbucks. I saw the sign and thought it would be a little tent with coffe, but it's a real starbucks! With the jazz music, the chess tables and the faggot with the laptop." They couldn't believe it. the laughs were enormous. I was filthy. It was awesome. People were going crazy. It was like looking out over choppy water. People rocking back and forth, punching each other, clapping, stamping. It was mayhem.

    Every time I went way over the line I would say "I'm so sorry. I am not supposed to be saying any of this. I"m so sorry. Am I in trouble?" which would only make them laugh more. The sargent major was in the front row, arms folded, surrounded by Colonels and whatnot. None of them laughing. All aroudn them were young warriors, men and women of all ages, laughing and cheering at things that NONE of them could think about saying on this base, EVER.

    There's lots more including photos and videos over on Louis's website.

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