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  • Middle East Shocker: Palestinian-Israeli Talks Stalling

    Try not to let your eyeballs fall out of your head in shock, but nobody in the Middle East "peace" talks seems to give a crap about compromising anytime soon. Or, you know, ever…

    The Obama administration believes it has persuaded Arab states not to scuttle the fledgling Middle East peace negotiations, officials said Thursday, despite the Israeli government's refusal to freeze Jewish settlements and a vow by the Palestinians to walk away if Israel did not.

    After days of intensive diplomacy by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the administration’s special envoy, George J. Mitchell, the administration now expects the meeting in Libya to produce a stream of vitriol against Israel and an insistence that the two sides cannot talk while settlement building is under way, American and Israeli officials said, but no formal declaration that negotiations should be abandoned.

    Wow. This is unprecedented! One side says it won't do anything unless the other side does a thing it patently refuses to do! Next you're going to tell us that the other side also refuses to do a thing as long as the other other side keeps doing a thing it says it will not stop doing! Do you think these folks will ever just sit down at a table together, look and one another, and go, "You know what? This is NEVER GOING TO WORK," fist-bump and then exit?

    Hmm, probably not, as long as each side still picks its Homecoming Queen based on who sings the old God-and-country standards loudly enough.

    During his Thursday visit to Lod, Mr. Netanyahu also spoke about the new language he wants to bring to a loyalty oath for non-Jews seeking Israeli citizenship. On Sunday he will ask the cabinet to approve requiring non-Jews to declare loyalty to "the State of Israel as a Jewish democratic state." The move is largely aimed at Palestinians who seek Israeli citizenship through marrying Israeli Arabs.

    Well, this will undoubtedly all be brought to a tidy, friendly conclusion by the commencement of Shabbos. Have a great long weekend, Children of Abraham!

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  • New Old News: Middle East Peace Talks

    As President Obama convenes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palistinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for another round of sure-to-be successful peace talks, Indecision looks back at the last time an American president succeeded in bringing peace to the Middle East.

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