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  • Five Best Counties for Conservative Republicans

    Few things are more painful than losing a hard-fought political campaign. Just about the only salve that can soothe the anguish — besides counting down the days to the 2016 Iowa Caucus — is the company of like-minded Americans who share your frustration at the Sharia socialist policies of the current president.

    But what if you live in San Francisco or Cambridge or in some hippy-dippy Vermont township where rural white people refuse to vote the way Saint Ronnie Reagan ordained that rural white people vote? It may be time to move to friendlier environs. To help you with your real-estate decisions, here's some info about the five most Republican-leaning counties in America, as illuminated by the results of the 2012 election.

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  • Candidate Catch-Up: Holly Seeliger, Portland, ME

    Holly SeeligerHey everybody, our burlesque-dancing, Tater Tot-hating Portland (ME) School Board candidate Holly Seeliger won! Or should I say, we all won. Or maybe I should not say that, because election rules are pretty clear on allowing only one winner. Saying "we won" is silly, because we didn't do anything. Hello, sports fans.

    Every race has winners and losers, but the sour-grapes vibe in this Kennebec Journal article on Seeliger's win is something special. According to reporter Randy Billings, Seeliger won despite facing an opponent with "an ideal pedigree" who "unlike Seeliger" is a member of the Parent Teacher Organization and has children in the school district. Randy, Randy, we get it. Seeliger says she was "pleasantly surprised" by her own win, but the story dips slightly from "Hey, can you believe this?" to "Seriously, can you believe this? No, you cannot believe this, because this is unbelievable."

    But maybe Billings' article rubbed me the wrong way because he managed to confuse me, Dan Poppy, with a newly-elected U.S. Congressman and Santa impersonator named Kerry Bentivolio

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  • Quote Unquote: Nothing Discriminatory

    Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster — who previously expressed concern over reports of black people voting — explains himself


    "There's nothing about me that would be discriminatory. I know black people. I play basketball every Sunday with a black guy. He's a great friend of mine."


    Oh, well. There you go. I guess everybody had the wrong idea about him.

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  • Maine GOP Chair Concerned by Dozens of Black Voters

    Look, allowing regular citizens to vote is a necessary evil. You don't like it, I don't like it, Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster doesn't like it. Nobody likes it. But we put up with it even though they sometimes do ridiculous things that damage the nation like electing Democrats to office.

    But having black people vote??? In Maine??? That's kind of going too far, isn't it? When you see something like that happening, there's definitely something nefarious afoot, wouldn't you say?

    Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster certainly would

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  • Angus King Will Caucus with Democrats

    It was, I'm assuming, a very difficult choice to make, but Maine Senator-elect Angus King has come to an incredibly important decision

    After months of speculation and sidestepping the question, King announced Wednesday morning what many observers had already predicted: He will caucus with the Democratic party when he officially assumes his seat in the Senate.

    "The outcome of last week's election in some ways makes this decision relatively easy," King said. "In a situation where one party has the clear majority and effectiveness is an important criteria, affiliating with the majority makes more sense."

    Also, there's this weird sour milk smell in the Republican caucus room. It's hard to tell where it's coming from, but it might be Jon Kyl.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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