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March to Keep Fear Alive
  • The Seven Best Quotes From the Post-Rally Press Conference

    About an hour after the end of the Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert appeared at Washington DC's National Press Club full of reasonable afterglow to talk to reporters about the live, three-hour show they'd just pulled off. Here is a collection of the seven best quotes from the press conference.

    1. "I improvised everything I did, right off the top. Can I have a suggestion of a location and an occupation?!" – Stephen Colbert

    2. "We have a show on Monday, and we gotta go write that, and then we have a live show Tuesday, normally that would be the hardest thing we do this year, so we gotta go hump for two days. We have a Wednesday show too, and a then a Thursday show, and then we have to keep doing them 'til Thanksgiving." -Stephen Colbert on what's next

    3. "I'm wearing a flannel shirt, it's designed by people who make flannel…" -Jon Stewart to a reporter from Extra

    4. "I don't think there's any interview that I've done that I don't leave going "I wish I'd done that better." For instance, I called [Obama] dude, but when King Abdullah of Jordan was on I called him Broseph so it's just something I do…." -Jon Stewart

    5. " Am I jealous of Jon? Yes." -Stephen Colbert

    6. "I can't believe gave us a gotcha question! They work with us! That is out of line, lady!" -Jon Stewart in response to our question as to whether they had anything to say to people who couldn't make it to the Rally.

    7. "Don't care, just don't care. We're proud of ourselves, we're proud of the show we did, and for us, the success of it was the execution of the idea and the intention. You can't control people's reaction to it." -Jon Stewart, on critics

    Watch the press conference in its entirety after the jump.

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  • A Sampling of Some Very Reasonable Signs You Uploaded

    Here's a collection of some of our favorite signs YOU uploaded to our Flickr stream. You're SIMPLY THE BEST! Keep uploading them with the tag sanityandorfear!

    More after the jump!

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  • Sanity and/or Fear Conquer the World

    Over 200,000 people turned up on the National Mall for Saturday's Rally, but the sanity and/or fear didn't stop there. Thousands of people gathered together for satellite rallies in their hometowns and left the evidence all over the Internet.

    Seattle, WA

    It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop the residents of Seattle from standing up for sanity. According to organizers, roughly 6,000 people — including Representative Jim McDermott — convened at Westlake Park to speak, carry signs and watch the Rally on television.

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  • Fear Is Alive and Well on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

    Hmmmm… Something seems a little off with Sarah Palin's Facebook page

    It turns out this wasn't just a random accident. Weird!

    The vertical message that ran down the left side on Glenn Beck's Facebook page the night of October 14 read clear as that evening's sky: "K-E-E-P F-E-A-R A-L-I-V-E." It was a reference to Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive, a gathering organized in faux-competition with this weekend’s Rally to Restore Sanity, headlined by Jon Stewart…

    Seeing the unauthorized messages pop up on their feeds, the page administrators began furiously scrubbing the pages. Palin's message lasted almost an hour. Beck's was gone in just one minute.

    That is, in fact, the thing that she had been heard saying.

    (via The Daily What)

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  • Indecision Delegate: Sara Benincasa Will Rock Your Face Off, America!

    Hello citizens! I'm comedian and regular Indecision contributor Sara Benincasa, and it is my great honor to belatedly announce my top-secret candidacy and subsequent election to the office of Indecision Delegate! And my campaign slogan, "I WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!" has taken such root in the hearts and minds of my supporters that I've chosen to continue its use throughout my tenure ("Yes we can!" is soooo 2008.)

    "But Sara," you may protest, "I didn't even get to vote for you! Nor was I made aware of any such campaign and/or candidacy! I didn't even know that 'Indecision Delegate' was a thing. Is that really a thing? It sounds like something you just made up. Did you just make that up?"

    Oh, haha, you wacky jokester! Of course it is a thing, and after my top-secret, illegal and undemocratic election, I'm revving up to road-trip down to D.C for the impending midterm elections (and a certain pair of dueling political rallies led by Famous Entertainment Personages.) There will be blog posts. There will be videos. There will be tomfoolery. There will be haberdashery, scrimshaw and a host of other outdated trades. Essentially, it's going to be really flippin' awesome and will surely provide a complement to the fine works of my fellow midterm specialists Eugene Mirman, Baratunde Thurston, and Dan St. Germain.

    So join me, dear Americans, on a journey of epic and fantastic proportions. Together, we'll go deep into the bewitchingly glorious hearts of the Angles, O'Donnells, Reids and Paladinos of this bold nation. I pledge to represent you to the best of my superhuman, sexy ability as I embark on the greatest quest any journalist has ever known: to make amusing statements about midterm elections. Onward and upward! I WILL ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!

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