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Marco Rubio
  • From the Pork Barrel: A Working Lunch

    * The White House just tweeted this photo, in an obvious attempt to show voters that the President is so dedicated to his job that he's taking his meals in the Oval Office.

    * Michele Bachmann unveils the liberal lamestream media's transparent scheme to win the health care battle by complimenting Anthony Kennedy for his dreamy transfixing eyes (or something not all that much less silly).

    * While we're on the subject of Enquirer-esque revelations from Rep. Bachmann, have you heard about all those Muslim Brotherhood agents who have infiltrated in the DOJ, Homeland Security and NIA?

    * A Politico reporter was suspended for making distasteful sensational remarks about a presidential candidate. Odd. Normally, they're given promotions.

    * Don't forget to download our Election Companion App for iPhone and iPad and follow along as we liveblog Sen. Marco Rubio on this Sunday's very special episode of Meet the Press on NBC.

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  • Marco Rubio Not Being Vetted for V.P.

    Marco Rubio

    Despite all of the people who want it to happen, or don't want it to happen but suspect it will happen anyway, it is now looking very much like it won't happen.

    Conservative dream boy Marco Rubio is not being considered as a vice-presidential running mate

    [K]nowledgeable Republican sources tell [ABC News] that Rubio is not being vetted by Mitt Romney’s vice presidential search team. He has not been asked to complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates.

    Although it is possible that Rubio may yet be asked to go through the vetting process, it has been nearly two months since Romney named his long-time aide Beth Myers to run his vice presidential search. The fact that Rubio has not been asked to turn over any documents by now is a strong indication that he is not on Romney’s short list of potential running mates.

    I'm really kind of shocked about this. Rubio just seems like such a perfect running mate. He's young and good-looking and popular with both the base and independents. Plus, he's a Latino from Florida, so that both shores up an important swing state and makes the GOP ticket seem like less of a rich corporate white guy overbite dance party.

    What possible reason would the Romney team have to not at least vet him?

    "There is a growing sentiment in America about these kids," Rubio says. "If you were four years old when your parents brought you here illegally, and you have grown up here your whole life and don't even speak Spanish, and you are your high school's valedictorian, you have a lot to contribute to our future. It kind of feels weird to deport you."

    Oh, that's right. I forgot. He talks.

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Marco Rubio Continues to Confuse Liberals

    Marco RubioFor a while there, disliking Marco Rubio seemed pretty cut-and-dry for liberals. Admittedly he's young and handsome, but when those qualities belong to a Republican, progressives just get scared. (It's the same reason Democrats sighed with relief when Herman Cain bowed out.) Plus there was that weird thing when he lied about when his parents emigrated to the U.S.

    But Rubio insists on throwing a wrench into our carefully maintained right-left dichotomy by having nuanced views on immigration

    "Today's announcement [that Obama will not deport young alien residents] will be welcome news for many of these kids desperate for an answer, but it is a short term answer to a long term problem," the Cuban-American Rubio said in a statement.

    There you have it, folks. Marco Rubio's a liberal now; he supports Obama's plan. Just as long as he doesn't say anything to confound the issue further…

    [Rubio continued,] "And by once again ignoring the Constitution and going around Congress, this short term policy will make it harder to find a balanced and responsible long term one."

    Marco, you're making America short-circuit. Look, why not just say whether you think flag-burning should be legal, or whether you like Wal-Mart? We can draw all the conclusions we need from that.

    Photo by Brendan Hoffman – Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Marco Rubio Pulls a Biden During Foreign Policy Speech [VIDEO]

    Maybe Marco Rubio is vice president material after all. While speaking to the Brookings Institution today in what was billed as a major speech for the up-and-coming political star, Rubio abruptly stopped when he discovered he was missing the last page of his speech.


    Speaking to influential conservative think tanks, bolstering his foreign policy credentials, making embarrassing public errors — Rubio is really pushing hard for this VP slot. It's not quite a Joe Biden-level gaffe, but it's up there.

    Fortunately, Sen. Joe Lieberman was there to hand off the missing page (and teach Rubio what it's like to be an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate).

    Ironically, Rubio once insulted President Obama by calling him "the most articulate and talented teleprompter reader in America." Maybe Rubio should just learn to stop worrying and love the teleprompter.

    If nothing else, this whole incident is another reminder that we still don't know much about Marco Rubio. Not only is he a blank page, but he also tries to read off them.

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  • Mitt Romney Dips His Toe into Marco Rubio's Immigration Plan

    Florida Senator Marco Rubio has the unenviable job of helping rally Hispanic voters for Mitt Romney. And after months of Romney trying to out-extreme his fellow candidates on the issue of illegal immigration, the two sure have their work cut out for them

    For months, Romney repeatedly sought to outflank his opponents on the issue: chiding Texas Gov. Rick Perry for favoring in-state tuition breaks for the children of illegal immigrants, vowing to veto the DREAM Act that would have allowed citizenship for certain students who joined the military or attended college, and suggesting that Arizona’s controversial approach to rooting out illegal immigrants could be "a model" for the nation.

    Romney's opposition to the DREAM Act is that it would create a special class of immigrants whose citizenship was fast-tracked, which is an uncharacteristically daring statement grounded in what appears to be an actual opinion.

    Rubio's own immigration plan, on the other hand, would decriminalize the status of illegal immigrants who join the military or enter college, and then put them on a list for citizenship behind legal immigrants. That sounds like something Romney would unequivocally support in an indeterminably vague way…

    "I’m taking a look at his proposal," he said. "It has many features to commend it, but it’s something that we’re studying."

    He said that before the November election he would lay out "a whole series of policies" on immigration, adding that "how we adjust our visa program to make it fit the needs of our country is something I’ll be speaking about down the road. But I don’t have anything for you on that at this stage."

    That was close. For a moment it looked like he was going to get behind a plan of action. It's much too soon in the game to be doing that. Even President Obama knows it takes at least one full term before you can really start to say what you think.

    Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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