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  • Gary Johnson Will Legalize Marijuana If Elected Fantasy President

    When Barack Obama was a young man, he would reportedly yell "Interception!" before snatching a joint from a friend's hand to take an extra hit. As president, he's continued "intercepting" the nation's pot supply with an aggressive crackdown.

    But Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has way mellower vibes when it comes to toking

    The ad points to Obama's early drug abuse as a case for legalization. But I think it's missing the point. Obama is trying to protect us from following his path. He knows better than anyone that drug use will only lead to a future with a low-paying, soul-sucking job that causes you to age prematurely.

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  • Eric Holder Defends Crackdown on Medical Pot

    Since Barack Obama took office, federal agents and prosecutors have conducted about 200 raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, despite an Obama campaign promise to tolerate dispensaries in states that have legalized them. But whatever the dangers of marijuana, one thing is clear: Smoking pot is a lot less dangerous for one's brain cells than listening to Obama administration officials offer congressional testimony

    Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Holder acknowledged the Justice Department had broken with the Bush administration and pledged not to go after anyone acting within state law.

    Nevertheless, those involved in large-scale marijuana growing and distribution have "come up with ways in which they are taking advantage of these state laws and going beyond that which the states have authorized," Holder said in response to questions from Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. "Those are the only cases that we have been going after."

    Those wily cancer patients, always looking to take advantage of state laws for their own nefarious anti-pain agendas.

    It's fun to consider other groups, besides manipulative cancer sufferers, who have "taken advantage" of statutes and gone beyond what the spirit of the law may have authorized. There are Bush administration officials who authorized torture, in contravention to the Geneva Conventions and U.S. law. There are financial sector tycoons who committed fraud on a daily basis in order to issue, sell and securitize mortgages from under-qualified individuals. It's amazing the DOJ has the manpower to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries, when so many bodies are needed to sit on those other cases.

    At the same time, this pattern of conduct fits in with Obama's life history. As a member of the Choom Gang, Obama "often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit." An auspicious start to a career making sure that all the drugs belonged to him.

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  • Mitt Romney's La Jolla Neighbors Are All Like 'Not Cool, Bro!'

    311 isn't just a bitchin' band to listen to after spending the day chillaxing on the waves, brah. It's also the number of Mitt Romney's oceanfront house in La Jolla, CA, just north of San Diego. The one he's planning to quadruple in size and improve with a diamond-encrusted car elevator powered by an platinum robots, or whatevs.

    But some of his neighbors are super bummed about him harshing their liberal buzz

    Four doors up the street from the Romneys is the home of Randy Clark and Tom Maddox, a gay couple who meet regularly with other residents worried by the candidate’s renovation plans.

    The men, who married in San Francisco four years ago, were asked by Mr. Romney’s architect to sign a document that stated they have no objections to his planned renovations, which would obscure a portion of their ocean view. They refused.

    For partisan candor it was hard to top Karen Webber, who lives several blocks away and dislikes the heightened security measures. "If this were Obama," she said, standing near bright orange barriers restricting access to Dunemere, "I’d probably be fine with it."

    On top of Romney's mondo house and hot-dogging security detail, there's also the bogus matter of him admonishing weed smokers on the beach…

    The Romneys rarely entertain neighbors, but they have tried to weave themselves into the fabric of local life. Mr. Romney and his wife take regular walks around La Jolla, exchanging pleasantries with fellow strollers and occasionally enforcing the law. A young man in town recalled that Mr. Romney confronted him as he smoked marijuana and drank on the beach last summer, demanding that he stop.

    This progressive neighborhood is totally going to vote Obama if Romney doesn't stop dorking out on them. On the bright side, if Romney loses, he can always run for president of the neighborhood watch.

    And if Obama loses, maybe Romney will let him stay at his place so he can smoke a doobie with the neighbors.

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  • Tweet Untweet: Obama Toasted, Romney Roasted

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Leader of the Choom Gang

    * According to a soon-to-be-released book, teenaged Barry Obama spent his free time smoking pot amongst other activities. Just kidding. There were no other activities.

    * Hey, who's that white guy next to Obama? Must be William Ayers!

    * Here's an interesting new strategy: "Please, Please, Please Call Me a Racist™" Good luck with that.

    * Has the DNC actually discovered a rare electable Arizona Democrat?

    * Don't forget to download our Election Companion App for iPhone and iPad and follow along as we liveblog Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on this Sunday's This Week on ABC.

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