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Marilyn Musgrave
  • Marilyn Musgrave to Concede Any Week Now

    Hey, wasn't John McCain's Election Night concession speech classy? Some said it was his finest moment of the campaign and — at the very least — a tough act for other politicians to follow.

    And it seems no one feels stronger about that than Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), a double-digit loser on November 4th. Rather than hopelessly attempt to equal McCain, Musgrave has decided to let his words echo by refusing to concede herself

    Two weeks after the brutal loss, Musgrave still hasn’t called her opponent [Betsy Markey] to concede or to congratulate the victor, as is not only textbook but also mannerly to do.

    Now Musgrave lost by a good 11 points, despite the resonance of her platform, which consisted of the following policy points…

    * Gay marriage is the single most important issue we face in our country.

    * I'm the only Ken Salazar-certified Agent of Hate in the race.

    * My opponent, Betsy Markey, is headed to jail. No, don't vet that claim, just accept it as fact!

    * The Ku Klux Klan rewarded my gay-bashing with an endorsement.

    * Yeah, the economy, I know… but The Gays!!

    But now as Markey, the nation and her own staff wait for Musgrave to concede, another complication has emerged.

    Namely that Musgrave has disappeared…

    Though the Markey team doesn’t plan on stopping by Musgrave’s office while in town, eventually the two camps will have to touch base — just in terms of transitioning. But curiously, more rumors abound that no one has seen or talked to Musgrave since the brutal loss; she’s all but disappeared.

    Hmm. Call this a stretch, but it seems to me the last time an anti-gay Colorado demagogue quietly disappeared, it was discovered that he'd spent the time in a Denver hotel room, snorting meth and banging a gay prostitute. His name was Ted Haggard.

    But the comparison ends there. When he was inevitably booted from his megachurch, Haggard at least had the decency to concede.

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  • Colorado Turns from Red State to Rainbow State

    According to the Huffington Post, the states with the largest partisan shifts in 2008 were Hawaii (toward Democrats) and Arkansas (toward Republicans). But the state that had the gayest shift was definitely Colorado!

    Out: Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-4th District), Congressional homophobe in chief, who calls banning gay marriage "the most important issue we face today."

    In: Jared Polis (D-2nd District), the first openly gay non-incumbent elected to Congress. (Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, etc. were already in Congress when Sarah Palin's church forgot to include them in their prayers.)

    Polis's district includes the liberal hotbed of Boulder, which can now gloat to rivals Berkeley, Austin and Cambridge about the fact that those backwaters are still represented by straight people.

    Meanwhile Musgrave, who comes from the flat, rural northeast corner of the state, will undoubtedly use her newfound free time to explore other ways to hate gay people. Among other things, she could…

    * Join the Rev. Fred Phelps on a "God Hates Fags" tour of military funerals.

    * Boycott companies that advertise on the Ellen show.

    * Use what remains of her 59 year-old seductive powers to "actively assist" the de-gayification of Colorado preacher Ted Haggard.

    As for Colorado itself, it's going to spend the next 2 years at the bathhouse before getting a facial and heading to the Bette Midler concert.

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