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  • Morgan Freeman Narrates Ad for Marriage Equality [VIDEO]

    For a group of people whose civil rights are often under assault by evangelical religious groups, the voice of God is a pretty big get…

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  • Obama Interacts with Humans Instead of Fixing Economy

    It should come as no surprise that our "Golfer-In-Chief"(®), with plenty of time on his hands now that he's no longer hanging out at rallies with his celebrity friends, spends his days standing around listening to charming engagement stories from his campaign staff…

    How does this help the economy? Not only is he turning his back on traditional marriage (American couples meet online, not in person), but he's also apologizing for America's divorce rate! At least the five minutes he spends listening to these two give shout-outs to well-known Alinskyite Beyonce Knowles is another five minutes he can't use to ruin this once-great America which he won't admit is still great.

    (Did you guys like my impression of every conservative blogger who, now that the election is over, has run out of things to write about?)

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  • Our Endorsements: The Marriage Debate

    * From, a couple debates the debate.

    * Romney shoots the bird.

    * McSweeney's says re-elect this guy.

    * Obama's debate notepad doodles.

    * President Obama is all like uh

    Mitt Romney gets the Jesus treatment.

    * The best article on Reince Priebus you'll ever read.

    * Steve Martin gives a very Steve Martin-y political endorsement.

    * The differences between Obama and Romney, from Snoop Dogg.

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  • Inter-Party Marriage Frowned Upon in America

    A recent paper in Public Opinion Quarterly — America's third most popular political science journal! — concludes that "both Republicans and Democrats increasingly dislike, even loathe, their opponents."

    Especially striking is the finding that parents are increasingly opposed to inter-partisan marriage

    A pair of surveys asked Americans a more concrete question: in 1960, whether they would be "displeased" if their child married someone outside their political party, and, in 2010, would be "upset" if their child married someone of the other party. In 1960, about 5 percent of Americans expressed a negative reaction to party intermarriage; in 2010, about 40 percent did (Republicans about 50 percent, Democrats about 30 percent).

    On the bright side, this represents a vast improvement over the time parents looked askance at inter-faith or inter-racial couplings — our Guess Who's Coming to Dinner remakes are becoming increasingly boring.

    On the other hand, there's a chance your son or daughter could be experimenting with inter-partisan dating RIGHT NOW. Can you even fathom what this means? Yes, blatantly racist concerns about "miscegenation" have long been debunked by science, logic and lived experience, but the consequences of bipartisan wedlock are nothing to sneeze at.

    Imagine the mongrel child that's produced when you combine the entitlement of a conservative Republican with the sneering social elitism of a liberal Democrat. Your grandchild is going to be Thomas Friedman.

    Don't let this happen, America. Confront your Democratic daughter about the Ayn Rand book she's hiding beneath the bed. Beware of the cute girl pulling to your Republican son's driveway in a Volvo. Pay attention to the warning signs and we might just be able to live side by side without producing a generation of David Brookses.

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  • RNC Marriage Proposal Occurs!!

    For those of you who were worried the RNC would end without a World War II nurse-style image of a man kissing a woman, have I got good news…

    That's right, RNC production manager Bradley Thompson proposed to RNC production coordinator Laura Bowman onstage, surrounded by dozens of romantic cameramen. And it looks like she said yes!

    Isn't marriage beautiful when it has the correct amount of penises and vaginas?

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