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Mary Jo Kilroy
  • Voter Disenfranchisement Alive and Well in Ohio

    In all the excitement about the ongoing Al Franken/Norm Coleman slugfest in Minnesota and the Mark Begich/Ted Stevens foofaraw in Alaska, political junkies have overlooked another electoral nailbiter.

    In Ohio's 15th Congressional District, Republican Steve Stivers currently leads Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy by a razor-thin 149 votes.  That's fewer people than were in line in front of me on the morning of November 4th!  (When I was waiting to buy scratch tickets.)

    A recount is looming, but in the meantime there is a dispute between the two sides over more than 1,000 uncounted provisional ballots.  Republicans contend that the voters who cast those blatantly broke the law and invalidated their ballots by failing to both sign and print their names at the polling place.  So they're suing to block those votes from being counted.  On the other side are the Democrats, who have this crazy notion that people's votes should count even if they didn't follow every single arcane rule on the books.

    Even more infuriating is the fact that the only part of the 15th District where the sign-and-print requirement was in effect was Franklin County, which includes the city of Columbus and is strongly Democratic.

    Oh yeah, and Stivers' people initially tried to file the lawsuit with the Ohio Supreme Court, which is entirely made up of Republicans.

    Hooray for democracy!

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  • French Socialists Said to Covet Ohio's 15th District

    Last night's debate between Barack Obama and John McCain was a big disappointment. Sure you had moral grandstanding and petty insults, but where was the Red baiting? Have accusations of secret communism gone the way of hair metal and the Chia Pet??

    Maybe so in presidential politics, but not in Ohio's 15th congressional district, where Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy has been accused of running a socialist newspaper and buddying up with French filmmakers of similar political persuasions.

    As the RedState blog provocatively puts it

    Not only did Mary Jo Kilroy actively run the far left Free Press newspaper, she participated in a French socialist documentary sympathetically chronicling the struggle of the far left in America.

    The documentary, "Sentimental Journey: America's Dissidents", by Noel Burch, "tells of Burch's return to America and of meeting up with former leftist companions."

    Who is among those "former leftist companions"? Mary Jo Kilroy.

    While Kilroy is fighting the allegations and trying to steer the focus toward her hard-fought endorsement from her housepets, she can take solace knowing that the scandal reaches all the way to the McCain presidential campaign.

    Because while Kilroy might have ran the leftist Free Press newspaper, Sarah Palin has admitted to reading it!

    That's right, she explicitly told Katie Couric that when it comes to newspapers, she reads "all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years." The Free Press ought to be paying her for that kind of publicity.

    Too bad Couric didn't think to ask for Palin's preferences in French documentary film.

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