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Matt Romney
  • Mitt Romney's Son Thinks Barack Obama Is "Great"

    Matt Romney — who's been acting as a surrogate for his father in Hawaii this week — is really really not very good at this whole political campaigning thing

    Matt Romney who graciously greeted volunteers made headlines last winter when he suggested his father would provide his tax returns only after President Barack Obama released his birth certificate. A remark he attempted to smooth over, adding tonight he does not question President Obama's citizenship. "Yes, I am satisfied, absolutely," said Matt Romney…

    When asked if he believes President Obama is a Christian, Matt Romney said of course but did not elaborate. "I'm not here to talk about President Obama I think he is great. I'm here to talk about my dad and what he would bring to the country," said Matt Romney.

    "Wait, what?! So, I can't accuse the President of being a foreign-born illegitimate usurper of the nation's highest office and I can't say that he's the finest leader in the history of western civilization? C'mon, make up your minds, guys!" – Matt Romney (probably)

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